10 Remote Learning Tips for Parents

1. Give your child a dedicated workspace that is tidy and organized. A clean workspace will help your child stay on task and avoid distractions.

2. Use a whiteboard or large piece of paper to write down the schedule for each day. Use checkboxes to keep track of the tasks finished.

3. Schedule 2 or 3 breaks throughout the day, each lasting 15-30 minutes. Incorporate “unplug” activities during breaks like coloring, reading, or playing outside.

4. Aim for a healthy and balanced lunch each day. Too many carbs or refined sugars will result in your child having a hard time focusing and feeling sluggish thereafter.

5. Be flexible with your child’s attention and allow them to daydream periodically. Letting their imagination wander every now and then can be beneficial when it’s time to focus.

6. Maintain a weekly communication time slot with your child’s teacher to discuss their progression.

7. Consistency is key. Create a routine from the time your child wakes up to when they go to bed. Implement a schedule for the entire family to help create a cohesive environment.

8. Use the last 15 minutes of each day to debrief on that day’s success. What went well? What can be worked on?

9. Create rewards for your child as they improve. Productive days can mean afternoon screen time or a weekend activity of their choice.

10. Always remember to give yourself grace throughout this process. You are doing the best you can. You may mess up, feel frustrated and even get upset. We will all continue to learn and rely on one another for support.

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