2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Busy Moms

Over the past few weeks, I have been researching women-owned online stores for our 2020 holiday guide. My criteria for selecting these amazing gifts were as follows:

  1. The product has to make moms’ lives easier
  2. I have to “love” the story of the brand
  3. The product/service has to be affordable
  4. There has to be a special discount for the DispatchMom community

I am so excited to share our very first gift guide with you. Each of these companies is founded by an incredible woman with grit, determination, and an inspiring story. By buying from these companies, not only you are making your BFF very happy, but you are also helping a woman get one step closer to her vision.
This guide also contains gifts for you (yes, you!). I do hope you give yourself a little present or two. I don’t call it spoiling yourself, you deserve it! And more…

Untamed Hearts: Meaningful Jewelry Infused with Energy

I admit it, I am obsessed. This brand exudes energy, beauty, and consciousness that gives me chills every time I see it. These pieces make superbly meaningful gifts that support you or that special friend in your life journeys. Untamed Hearts also creates beautiful statement-stage necklaces that help you show up in the world (or these days, on the screen 😉 ) the way you want the world to see you.

Julia Bernadsky, the founder and CEO of Untamed Hearts was living a life of glamor and success in New York. “I have always been driven by passion, by the desire to take care of people beyond the surface, to find a way to make them feel. The idea of making their lives better and asking the question “What would they love?” This is how the concept of a people-centered product began taking shape in Julia’s mind. “I gave up the security of the daily 9-5, began working with private clients, people with similar consciousness and close to me in spirit. I was buzzing (still am) because finally, after 25 years of my professional life, I’ve found a community of people who have the same values and approach to what matters most. In between all those things Untamed Hearts was conceived. ”

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Concierge Cosmetic and Aesthetic Care

Suzanne Sexton, a Physician Assistant, got really tired of trying to fit “life” into an already chaotic work schedule…often times putting off botox treatments, dental appointments, hair appointments, you name it-for months. “At 38 years old, I have started to see the effects of work and life all over my face…this ranges from wrinkles and lines to sun damage from my younger years of irresponsible UV exposure!  The changes that we see in the mirror as we age can be amazing signs of how far we’ve come. That being said, I can personally attest to how great it feels to look in the mirror and see the results of a chemical peel or Botox treatment. It just feels good to look good!”

Root Medical Aesthetics, LLC was born out of Suzanne’s desire to offer clients convenient concierge aesthetic treatments that can fit ANY schedule! It is kind of like DispatchMom but for beauty treatments. I like that!
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Make Memories, Make Truffles, and Share the Love

There are two things in the world that I can not say no to. Chocolate Truffles and having the chance to make them with my boy! Honestly, what could be better?! In this masterclass, hosted by Mikel-Claire Penick, owner of Cakes by Alexandria, your budding baker will finally arrive and you will make great holiday treats for your family or friends along with your kiddo. But wait, there is more! During the cooling process (about 15-20 minutes), Mikel will guide your kiddo in drawing some cool holiday art (think Frosty or Rudolph!!). You will walk away with sinfully delicious holiday treats, awesome artistry by your child, and invaluable memories.

Mikel-Claire Penick is the owner and head cake artist of a custom home bakery, Cakes By Alexandria that has been open since 2017. Mikel is a mom to an amazing 10-year-old son who is her biggest cheerleader and taste tester when it comes to baking.

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Path to Mindfulness in 45 Days: Discreet Journal

According to the CDC, 1 in 6 children has been diagnosed with a mental illness. Sommer Grandchamp knows that first hand. Sommer needed discreet guided worksheets to help her manage her emotions. When she couldn’t find anything that was discreet enough, she did what many amazing founders and inventors have done. She created her own and that is how Discreet Journal was born.

Discreet Journal is a wellness workbook for all ages. This workbook focuses on mindfulness and emotional regulation by prompting 2 simple daily questions for the reader to answer. It is easy to use and can go anywhere with you. Sharing your mental health journey should be your choice and not anyone else’s.

Makeena: Shop, Do good for Our Planet, and Get Rewarded

Makeena is an easy-to-use, free app that helps you find and afford healthier food, eco-friendly products, what we like to call “the good stuff.” With every purchase, Makeena app users can earn rewards from affiliated brands—and from Makeena too! Karen Frame, a mom and a grandmother, a former attorney, and legal counsel for large technology companies founded Makeena in 2014.

This is Karen’s story: “I have always been passionate about taking care of our planet.  I grew up on a lake across the street from a cornfield that was sprayed with pesticides every year, so from an early age I was very aware of the impact toxins had on what we put in and on our bodies.  As a child, I was also very concerned about people who didn’t have access to healthy food and was always looking for ways to help.  Ultimately, when I went vegan in the 1980s, I became even more aware of how difficult it can be to find brands that prioritize sustainability and make healthier products. Ultimately, these experiences motivated me to start Makeena so that everyone on this big, beautiful planet of ours can easily find and afford healthier food and eco-friendly products. (In short, we take the sticker shock out of buying better for you and the planet products.)  We chose the name Makeena because it means “happiness” in Swahili and “abundance” in Hawaiian.  We also like to say that Makeena means empowerment because we put the power of shopping for good directly into the hands of mindful consumers.”

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Sunshine in a Box, Smiles Guaranteed

Nope, these are not the generic H&D gift box types. You know, those that you get when you are in sales in Corporate America! Ship Sunshine was formed by Anna Costello with the goal of “Spreading Cheer and Sharing Joy.” Anna believes that finding the perfect AND tasteful gift shouldn’t be that hard. That is why she founded Ship Sunshine.

This is her story: ” Some might say gift-giving is my love language…and that’s because, ever since I can remember, I have loved being the go-to person for celebrating special moments—and special people. In high school, we had this tradition where you would get your friends a laundry basket full of goodies and it was my favorite thing to do! I guess you could say that’s when Ship Sunshine was first born. Soon after I realized there’s something really amazing about surprising and delighting through meaningful gifts—when your heart’s in the right place, such a simple act can lift a loved one’s mood and truly turn their day around. I started Ship Sunshine in 2018 to do just that—whether you want to say thanks, congrats, or just a quick “hello”, we’re here to help you spread some love and sunshine.”

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élevé Intimates: Give the Girls Some Love and Lift

élevé intimates is an American-made sleepwear line with bust support that gives you a boost the moment you wake up. The magical design takes you from sleeping to lounging, without having to put on a bra for all sizes from 32C to 38H.Sandra Mimran Smith, a badass mom founded the company because of what she experienced as she hit puberty. She tells her story: “At age 14, I went from an A to a DDD. None of the girls in Teen Vogue or Cosmopolitan looked like me. Training bras didn’t even come close to fitting. Like most women, my breasts continued to change as I got older. I went up to G when I got pregnant and breastfed, and then deflated when I stopped breastfeeding. During my period, I am literally two different sizes, and my breasts are 3 or 4 pounds heavier. When I gain or lose weight, I gain or lose it in my boobs. I’ve been almost every size and shape in my life, and I know the challenges that come with each of them.Then one day, while looking at my now-25-year old daughter and her friends, a lightbulb went on.We’re no longer the exception.Women’s breasts are getting bigger. The average size was once 34B, now it’s 34DD. (And by the way, a DDD is an E in Europe.) And as our bodies change, our breasts also change. They can sag more, and/or weigh more. Boobs can be heavy, and that heaviness can cause discomfort. But mainstream fashion hasn’t caught on. Haven’t we had enough messaging about how badly we’re supposed to feel about our bodies?

I made Eleve for me. I wanted loungewear that a woman wears for herself – that feels good and looks good. Whether we’re going through pregnancy, menopause, or even experiencing sensitive scar tissue after surgery… whether we’re at home, in our dorms, on vacation, or wherever we find ourselves in life, we all know this essential truth: when we look good and feel good, we do good. Let’s elevate each other, inside and out.”
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Hope Tank: Unique Gifts that Give Back, Every Single Time

If you are shopping for your outspoken, feminist, environmentally responsible, activist friend, go no further than Hope Tank! An eccentric brick and mortar retail store in the Baker neighborhood of Denver and a dynamic e-commerce store, Hope Tank boasts the assortments that keep us, independent-minded working women captive for at least half a day, either in the retail store or online. Here is the best part: every single purchase will support one of more than a dozen local non-profit organizations they partner with.

Erika Righter founded Hope Tank after a series of layoffs by the non-profit sector. ” I opened Hope Tank, a for-profit social enterprise here in Denver in 2012. Every item sold in the store supports our twenty local nonprofit impact partners and comes with a sticker that says which nonprofit is being supported. That way, if you give a gift, the person who receives it will know the impact as well. We are able to engage the community about important issues, while doing something super fun- shopping! I hope that we show people that you can have FUN and also do GOOD in the world!”
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Snack Voyage: Tasty Snacks from Around the World At Your Doorstep

Biscuits from the UK, spicy nuts from India, shrimp chips from Korea! Now you can get a taste of the cuisine of a foreign country, play a game with your family and even get a boarding pass without stepping foot on an airplane. Snack Voyage delivers snacks from around the world to your doorstep with a full travel experience without the expense of a travel ticket. Snack Voyage boxes come with a Boarding Pass, a Tourist Guide, Travel Game, and a Souvenir from the country. Pick from the Country Box or Assorted Box and have fun!

Ome Omay, founder and CEO of Snack Voyage set out to help people who want to explore other cultures and food do so from the comfort of their home. She says: “Not everybody is able to afford a travel ticket at the drop of a hat for a plethora of reasons. As a heavy snacker, I have a lot of pain points. For instance, I need to have my snacks when I want it, at any time of the day, at my convenience, without paying an arm and a leg. Also, standing on the grocery line or hopping from one store to another to find an imitation of a snack is not my fav. Being a working & schooling single-mom, I always want to find quality time with my kid … and hanging out in a grocery line ain’t one of them.”

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