Spruce Things Up! 5 Unique Christmas Crafts for Kids

This season decorate your home with joy as “Christmas crafts for kids”

Christmas is one of the most festive times of the year, the perfect opportunity for lots of fun activities. It’s a season jam-packed with parties, pageants, family gatherings, exchanging gifts, singing carols, and celebrations of faith for some. With the kids at home, it’s also the perfect time to get your creative juices flowing and do some Christmas crafts with the kids.

Whether you’re a parent looking for activities to entertain your youngsters on your day off, or a babysitter taking the reins for the evening, here are a number of unique Christmas-themed crafts kids will love.

1. Tissue Paper Christmas Wreath

Christmas Crafts for Kids 2022

Nothing says “holiday season” like a wreath! Although many people purchase these festive decorations pre-fabricated, making your own can be a great group project. Use tissue paper and a paper plate to shape a decorative Christmas wreath for the kids to hang on their bedroom door—these make fun and easy Christmas crafts for kids!

Cut out the center of the paper plate to make a thick round doughnut-shaped rim. Scrunch pieces of green tissue paper and glue them around the plate ‘doughnut’ until the circle is densely packed with greenery. Or get creative and use white or red tissue paper for an eye-popping look. Then you can attach small pompoms, ornaments, or other decorations to the wreath, and tie a ribbon through the doughnut hole to hang it up.

2. Holiday Character Candy Pots

These holiday candy pots make fantastic household decorations. Use them as easy Christmas gifts, or to dress up your snack or dessert table with a little festive spirit. The little pots will always be handy, so even once the candy is gone you can always use them to hold stationery, kitchen utensils, or plants.

The kids can be creative in choosing the characters they want to make. Choose a snowman, an elf, a reindeer, Santa—any Christmas character works! Turn a simple small flowerpot into the character of your choice with some paint, googly eyes, pompoms, or felt noses and ears (and for Santa, an iconic cotton wool beard). Use pipe cleaners for reindeer antlers and other decorations, like bow ties or hats. Fill the pot with candy, or healthier snacks like nuts and dried fruit, for a stylish, creative, and functional holiday decoration.

3. Paper Snowmen Hanging Decorations

They may not be as cold and frosty as the real thing, but these snowmen can definitely add a little winter spirit to your home. Hang them on your Christmas tree, door handles, or refrigerator door for a little festive flair.

Use a glass, small bowl, or mug to create the perfect circle template on a piece of white cardboard. You’ll need a large circle for the snowman’s body and a slightly smaller one for his head. Cut out your circles and glue the head and body together. (Make sure you glue a piece of looped ribbon to the back of the snowman’s head so you can hang him on the Christmas tree or on a door handle.)

Now cover your snowman with cotton wool to give him a snowy effect. Finish your snowman off with a face (googly eyes and an orange felt nose), a black felt hat, and cardboard or toothpick arms. 

4. Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Put on your gloves and jackets and go collect some of Mother Nature’s pine cone bounty. Choose pinecones with a fairly flat base where possible. Wipe them clean with a dry cloth and paint them green, white, or silver. Glue the cones to a secure base, like a coaster, and get decorating! Stick pompoms, stars, glitter, and any other small decorations you can find as ornaments on the pine cone “tree.” Kids will love keeping their very own pine cone Christmas tree crafts in their rooms for a touch of personal holiday decor. These also make lovely table centerpieces.

5. Santa Slime in a Bottle

It’s slippery, squishy, and kids love it. Slime starter kits can now be bought in most stores, so kids can make their own festive glittery goo. Festive mason jars are the perfect way to keep the slime safe.

Make sure your jar is clean and dry. Using craft glue or hot glue, stick a wide black ribbon all the way around the jar’s center. This is going to be Santa’s belt. Cut out a square from a piece of gold glitter paper, and cut the center of the square out so you are left with a golden frame. This is your belt buckle. Stick it onto the black ribbon. Glue two black buttons above the belt vertically, and you’re done! Pop your slime into the Santa bottle and keep the lid tight so it won’t dry out.

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