A DispatchMom (Now Call Emmy) Valentine #selflove

~Norm Kelley

This Valentine’s, I am going for “self-love”. And why not? I am a mom…a mom who can be anyone among you. Like you, I am an independent and strong woman who takes charge of everything in her life (or at least tries to), so why not the love department?

Yes, I am blessed with people who look out for me and love me but is it right to burden them with the work of “finding the perfect Valentine’s gift” for me? And that I am a thoughtful gift giver myself, doesn’t make me exactly easy to please lol.

And even if the giver was considerate, do they even know how much I am craving for some quality me-time? Well, for their and my own sake, I hope not. Not because I prefer to “suffer in silence”, but because I aspire to give happiness to my loved ones and not burden them with the guilt (of how sharing the same space as an office, school, and of course, home during the pandemic is robbing me of my me-time).

But the truth is, at this time, I could shout from rooftops, I need some time off to myself!! Don’t misunderstand me, this me-time is not some utopian scene where I float aimlessly in a cloud of nothingness…. this me-time is simply time away from everyday chores. This is the time I wish to spend alone or with my loved ones without having to worry about the ubiquitous chores!

And so, this Valentine’s I could think of no gift better than ordering services from “DispatchMom”, and maybe you should too…ladies, let us pamper ourselves this Valentine’s!

DispatchMom is the new beauty treatment: Picture this…you are getting a pedicure and thinking about what the kids are doing at home…or getting a relaxing massage but your mind keeps thinking about the pile of work once you get back home…. sounds familiar? And these little worries are somehow getting etched on our faces in the form of fine lines, and if engaged in frequently, wrinkles!

Now I am all for smile lines but fine lines due to chores at home…NOT WORTH IT!! So instead of spending so much on spas I would rather spend regularly on a service like DispatchMom, stay in the comfort of home, and not let these chores give me those worry lines because nothing makes a face more beautiful than having mental peace!

Book yourself one of these “Bundle and save” packages….guaranteed to put that radiance of relief on your face! (Psst…and it is not more than what you would spend at an average spa!)

Put a “spring” in my step: Even though it’s not technically spring season by the time Valentine’s rolls around, the winter is surely past its peak and I am ready for some spring soiree! And what better way to get a heads up on spring cleaning than to start with some deep cleaning (with all clean and environment-friendly products). Or maybe I will just book one of the “Purge and Polish” services, where it includes cleaning and taking away the stuff to the donation center or recycling center. Lord knows how long I have been procrastinating on this errand!

Help me be a better mom: As if regular mom guilt was not enough, the pandemic has added to it as kids are around during my working hours, and try as I might, I am not able to give them as much attention as I would ideally want. I try coping up with office work during odd hours, but the house chores…that’s another story! So this valentine, I want to spend special time with my loved ones and not turn them away because I got to do those mundane chores! DispatchMom to the rescue!

Check out “A little relief package” for that quick spiff up, so you can focus on what really matters!

Valentine’s Date-night: It won’t be a reach to say the pandemic has tested relationships like never before! Couples are cooped inside the house juggling office work, childcare, and chores, and many of us have felt strains in relationships.Well, ladies, nothing like Valentine’s Day date night, (maybe even at home, for pandemic’s sake) to clear those cobwebs. If nothing else, I just look forward to dressing up after spending almost the whole year in loungewear lol!

And I can count on DispatchMom for reliable and vetted babysitting meanwhile. Truth be told, I rather spend on babysitting than some visiting a fancy restaurant amidst this pandemic!

The spirit of “Valentinely love” won’t be complete without a special mention of all my girlfriends! They helped me sail through the pandemic through our phone and zoom chats and occasional “un” malicious gossip and helpful tips. One of you lucky ones might just get the gift of free time via DispatchMomhMom as a gift from me…after all, what better than the gift of time……? #Galentine’s 😉

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