Our Story

We like to keep it real here, so let's begin with where it all started and how this much needed “parent help center” was born.



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Hi, I am Arezou.

Founder and CEO of Call Emmy (formerly known as DispatchMom). I am also a consultant, a corporate executive, a startup advisor, an angel investor, a mom (my son is 9 and he is beautiful), a dog mom, a cat mom, a wife, daughter to elderly parents, a friend to many and a close friend to a few

and... I am exhausted…

I am not unique. I have never met another mom, working or not, who declares that they have it all together. We are all running from one thing to another, every single day and we are barely keeping up. We are generally pretty good at this juggling act, but it comes at a huge cost. The cost is our emotional and mental well-being.

You see, there was a time that I had it all together.

I had a big job at a big company and a big title. I also had my son and pretty much everyone else in the family and I felt that I was in control of my life; I felt like I was a good mom, a good wife, a good friend. I did fine at work, traveled the world for business, and even took some trips with my girlfriends to get away. And nothing fell apart! For real…

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You know why? Because I had Emmy!!!

Emmy and Arezou
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Emmy was my right hand.


It was miraculous that I found her. When she showed up at my house to interview for a house manager role, I knew she was the one. Emmy did EVERYTHING for me and my family…She took care of my son, dropped him off at school, picked him up, cooked, cleaned, did grocery shopping, organized my house, did my laundry, ran errands…

Whatever I needed, I called Emmy.


I trusted her even more than I trusted myself with my son.

She made me feel at peace, relaxed, and just good…

Well, fast forward a few years, Emmy decided to move to Texas to be closer to her mom. I knew it was going to be hard not having her but I had *no idea* that it was going to be that hard!!! Emotionally hard for sure because over the years, she had become family; but also mentally and physically. I wondered every single day how she did as much as she did and how damn lucky I was to have her for four years.

She was truly a fairy Godmother for me and my family…


After she left, everything went to $hit…Fights with my husband over who did more stuff around the house surfaced. Laundry piled up for weeks, takeout dinners became a habit. Sometimes we would forget to feed our animals and other times we would forget that we fed them so we would feed them twice or three times what we should have. No more trips to Europe and Asia on a day’s notice, work suffered, no more girlfriend trips…My mental and emotional states were unstable at best and hysterical at worst. Mom-guilt was with me 24x7 because I lost my temper with my little boy every 5 minutes…Yikes…

I’ve always been ambitious and cared about my career but after Emmy’s move, every single day the question arose for me if I should quit everything and just focus on running the household and raising my son. The answer was and still is: “Hell no” even though the mental, physical and emotional price tag is very high…way higher than it needs to be… There has to be a way to make this work for a working parent…I don’t think anyone should have to choose between parenthood and their ambitions. That is how Call Emmy was born. The company was first called DispatchMom but we changed the name because dads, single-dads, and two dad households also face this challenge.


Call Emmy is about helping everyone navigate through the maze of parenthood, entrepreneurship, business, corporate careers, life.


That is what Emmy did for me. Sure, it was expensive to have all of that help every single day. That is why we chunked the services into various categories, so you don’t have to get everything; you can just book what you truly need on that day or that week or on an ongoing basis. Your mental health and peace and harmony in your family will make this a very very worthy spend.

Emmy is still in Texas and loving life in the Lone Star state. We talk often and each time, I try to convince her to move back to Colorado. One of these days, I hope…

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Emmy, if you are reading this, I hope you know how much you mean to me and my family. Thank you for making life so easy for all of us for so many years…