Best Face Masks for Kids Ages 2-5 and Where To Find Them?

Masks For Kids Ages 2-5

Masks aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and that’s especially true for children. With school and daycare underway, it’s more crucial now than ever to find the best face masks for kids ages 2-5 to prevent the spread of the virus and stay healthy.  With Omicron raging on, the CDC updated guidance regarding the best masks…

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Where To Find The Best KN95 Mask For Kids?

KN95 Mask For Kids

With Omicron rapidly spreading, figuring out the best protection for our kids has been prominent. Using our cloth masks, especially the cute ones with designs we buy for our kids, is no longer effective. This proves more true as we see cases increase while our kids are in their classrooms and sporting events.   The masking…

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Preparing Kids for School Amidst Omicron Fear

Preparing Kids for School Amid Omicron Fear

As parents, we do everything in our power to keep our children safe and healthy during the pandemic. We hope and pray they will remain unaffected by COVID-19 and emerging variants. Now we find ourselves dealing with the new variant Omicron that spreads like wildfire regardless of age, and we see it infecting children at…

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Five Common Myths about Working from Home

Common Myths About Working From Home

The pandemic encouraged many organizations to implement remote work, but we have been doing this at Call Emmy since day one!  We hear many misconceptions about conducting business remotely and find the myths to be just that – myths. Without further ado, let’s dive into five common myths about working from home and see, based…

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Before the New Year’s Resolution, Do End-of-Year Reflection

End Of Year Reflection

We are approximately three weeks before the end of the year and we all know, the New Year’s Resolution juices are starting to flow. Before you lock and load on your 2022 resolution, I invite you to do an end-of-year reflection. I have used a few different frameworks and I will share what has worked…

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5 New and Unique Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving

Unique Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving because it is about gratitude. I cease the day to introspect and count the blessings of my life and yes, I joyfully participate in the feast as well. On a recent hike, I came up with these new and unique ways to celebrate Thanksgiving. What if we made Thanksgiving about simplicity versus…

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COVID vaccine for children in Colorado – Our experience

COVID Vaccine For Children

The topic of the Covid vaccine for children, similar to its version for adults, is the topic of much controversy and heated debates. Many parents, justifiably, have concerns about the long-term effects of the vaccine on their children and worry about what is yet to be discovered about the adverse effects of the vaccine on…

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A complete Halloween guide for working moms and dads

Halloween Guide For Working Moms

Halloween is only a few days away. So here’s a complete Halloween guide for working moms and dads. This fun event often turns into a stressful one when you put pressure on yourself to do it perfectly. A perfectly decorated house, perfect costumes, or hosting an amazing party which neither you nor your kids enjoy.…

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Working moms and the 4th quarter of the business

Working Moms And The 4th Quarter Of The Business

October is the start of the 4th fiscal quarter in most companies which means cutting corporate spending, hiring freeze, and driving as much revenue as the sales leaders for your business can pull off. What about working moms and the 4th quarter of the business?! Read on! The fourth quarter means that the leaders in…

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