Eight Must-Haves for a Babysitter Checklist

You booked a sitter! Now what? What do you need to tell them before leaving home? What can’t you leave out? Here is a babysitter checklist you can go over with any sitter so that both of you feel more comfortable. This way, you avoid any miscommunication. Let’s get started.

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Communication Expectations

Decide how you want the babysitter to communicate with you while you’re away. Some parents prefer texts to phone calls. Some parents request check-in calls while others only want to be called for emergencies. Decide which is a better fit for you. Provide your phone number and an additional trusted contact in case you can’t be reached.

Medical Information

Don’t skip this, especially if allergies are at play. It’s good to review medical information even if your child doesn’t have notable medical conditions. Also, if there are specific contacts you would like them to reach in case of a medical emergency, be sure to leave those numbers with the sitter.  If medication must be given, provide the location, intake times and dosage.

Food Allergies

Tell the babysitter what the children can or can’t eat especially if you allow them to leave home with the kids. If your kid uses an EpiPen, let the sitter know where it’s kept. Review any other medical instructions with the sitter at an appropriate time.


If a baby is being cared for, state your feeding expectations. For example, go over how you warm the bottle and what you do with the leftover milk. Point out where you keep extra bottles, and instruct sitters on how to wash them once they’re empty (soap and hot water or sterilizing tablet?).

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Cleaning Supplies

Let’s say you give the sitter and kids permission to use the kitchen. One thing leads to another and suddenly you’re getting a call asking about wipes and cleaning spray. Show your babysitter where you keep the cleaning supplies and avoid that unnecessary phone call.

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What are the rules of screen time in your house? Do you have a limit on how much screen time the kids are allowed to have? Are there age-appropriate television shows that still aren’t allowed in the home? If so, give the babysitter a heads-up. Additionally, show them how to use the remote controls before you go.

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Bedtime Routine

Be clear about what time you want the kids in bed. If special toys or storybooks help them fall asleep, lay them out beforehand.

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Emergency Kits

You don’t need to guide your sitter through every emergency situation. Just be sure to give them the location of the emergency kit,  first aid kit, and fire extinguisher. You can leave their pediatrician’s name and number with them if you see fit.

Other Information for Babysitters:

Let them know about:

  • The Wi-Fi.
  • Pets.
  • Cameras in your home.


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