Babysitters Online: Your Guide to Booking Childcare in a Digital World

It feels like everything happens online these days, and sourcing childcare is no exception. But finding quality babysitters online can be a daunting prospect. You might worry about letting strangers into your home, and how do you find a reputable person when all you have to go off is a profile? These concerns are completely normal.

Finding a good sitter can be a time-consuming process, but it doesn’t need to be. With the right approach and a trustworthy online platform, like Call Emmy, you’ll never have to worry about finding quality babysitters again. Take the following considerations to heart, check out a babysitting app, and find the childcare professional that’s perfect for your family today!

Babysitters Online

Do You Really Need a Babysitter? Or Is a Nanny Better Suited to Your Situation?

When searching for a sitter understanding your actual needs is critical. How often do you need to make use of the service? Will you need a sitter for just a few nights every month, or multiple days a week on a regular basis? This will help you determine if you should be opting for a more flexible babysitter option, or if you need a full- or part-time nanny instead.

While they may sound similar, these jobs cater to different needs and will cost different amounts accordingly. A careful understanding of both will help you to make the right choice.

Use Social Media Networks and Community Posting Boards When Looking for Babysitters Online

Nobody does better detective work than a parent on social media! Community forums, social media pages, church and neighborhood groups—these platforms are a jumping-off point for your search for reputable babysitters online.

Take the first step and ask your online communities for advice. The great part about crowdsourcing opinions like this is that you can consider any recommendation to be a potential reference as well. Focus your efforts on prospects that come with multiple recommendations.

However, the work doesn’t end there. Any sitter you decide to move forward with still needs to be carefully vetted to ensure they possess the capability and qualifications for this role. This vetting process begins with an interview, where you can get a feel for who they are as a person and how they might fit into your family. Make sure to have a list of questions ready that will cover any information you may want from this person.

As Covid-19 continues to ebb and flow, be sure to ask questions and set expectations regarding health standards. You need to know what precautions any prospective babysitter is taking to stay safe. You also need to know what their expectations will be. For example, will they expect your kids to always wear masks while they are on duty?

Other questions should detail their work history and perhaps touch on their personal beliefs. Center the interview around how they handle certain hypothetical situations to get a good feel for their babysitting style. Be sure to find out about their qualifications and experience in detail. Remind them that you will be conducting background checks before making a final decision.

Background Check Any Prospective BabySitters Online

You may have found a choice who works with your schedule, and the interview may have gone great. But before you make any commitments, remember to do a deep dive into your candidate. From a social security number trace to a national criminal search—as well as screening educational background, employment history, professional skills, and certifications—you cannot be too careful. A background check can help you note any red flags that you might not spot in the interview or from referrals.

You may even want to consider behavioral profiling for your potential sitters. In this process, you can assess things like their ability to get along with other people, especially kids, and if they have a tendency toward untrustworthy behavior. Behavioral vetting will give you insight into their emotional intelligence and empathy levels. It will also reveal how level-headed and able to cope with the stress they are.

Leverage the Best Babysitter Online App

The above information illustrates just how much energy goes into booking babysitters, whether online or in person. While, as a parent, you are expected to be a jack-of-all-trades, conducting HR-level assessments may be a stretch. The good news is that there are various resources to help you navigate this process and find the right sitter for your needs. Babysitter- and nanny-sourcing databases and apps abound now, and it’s not hard to find one with prospects in your area.

While you may have a wealth of app choices, you still need to do your homework. Many of these apps do not conduct background checks—or if they do, this functionality is still very new. This means many of the sitters already on their site have not been appropriately screened or vetted. In addition, there are a few that do not even require potential sitters to prove their qualifications!

Call Emmy conducts a rigorous set of background checks for all their potential sitters. Candidates are also required to pass skill and psychological tests before they are even considered for the app. Filters allow you to screen candidates according to qualifications, special needs caregiving abilities, and other unique requirements.

Make the Right Choice When It Comes to Finding Your Perfect BabySitters Online

Every parent needs backup and support at some point. Finding a babysitter online can provide the perfect support base for your family and alleviate some of the daily pressures of parenting. While finding the right sitter for your family can be work, the exercise is well worth the effort!

But while assessing your needs and budget is hard work, finding and vetting the actual sitter doesn’t have to be. Using an app like Call Emmy takes the uncertainty out of searching for childcare—you know that any choice you make will be a proven professional. And considering how Call Emmy’s network extends over most metro U.S. areas, you’re sure to find someone in your area who suits your needs!Parenting is a tough job, and a little assistance goes a long way. As the proverb goes, “it takes a village to raise a child.” Whether it’s for a one-off last-minute engagement or more continuous nanny needs, Call Emmy is ready to help. Sign up today to start your babysitting journey!

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