Five Best Apps For House Cleaning & Chores In Colorado

“I’m always on the go and don’t have time to call and make appointments” is a line I’ve heard so many times from working moms. It’s not just about finding the time to make a phone call but also looking through your schedule to know when you’re free before making that call. This is especially true when scheduling a home-cleaning service because you need to make time for the phone call on top of coordinating with the cleaner. But what if there was a way to make it easy for everyone involved? Guess what… there is!

There is an app for everything in today’s day and age, including finding the best apps for house cleaning and scheduling a convenient time for you with a click of a button. 

Best Apps For House Cleaning

Why Do We Need Apps for House Cleaning in Colorado?

Let’s get real. Using an app to schedule doctor’s appointments, easy delivery of packages and meals, or booking a vacation saves us time because we can do it anywhere. Why not do it to find the best cleaning apps out there?

Downloading and using an app for house cleaning helps everyone involved. As the customer, you can pick from various companies that align with what you’re looking for and the services they offer. Some features allow you to chat directly with the cleaner should you have any questions, concerns, or need to reschedule. There’s no need to search online for house cleaners and make a million phone calls when you don’t have the time. 

I drive around town from one of my kids’ sports to the next with minimal downtime when I’m not working. Using an app to schedule anything and everything is a blessing, especially when my home needs a good deep clean. 

I found seven of the best apps for house cleaning that will save you time both on chores and having to look through a ton of searches online. 

What are the Best Apps for House Cleaning & Chores?

1. Call Emmy

Call Emmy - Best Apps For Hous Cleaning

Call Emmy was founded in 2020 and was first known as DispatchMom. In March of 2021, DispatchMom became Call Emmy. Our Founder, Arezou’s nanny, named Emmy, inspired her to rebrand because of Emmy’s tremendous help. Its sole purpose is to help working moms gain back their time on chores and put it towards what they want to do in life.

At Call Emmy, we offer various services to save you at least ten hours a week on chores. Services included house cleaning, child care, laundry and chores, and home organization.  

The house cleaning option allows you to schedule a one-time cleaning or an ongoing service that meets your demands. 

If you’re struggling to find a sitter when work gets busy or you need some downtime, Call Emmy has vetted and on-demand sitters available when you need them. Don’t worry! Each babysitter goes through a full background check, behavior screening, and skill verification to ensure safety for your little ones and reliability. 

I don’t know about you, but having someone do my laundry and fold it for me sounds fantastic! Sit back and relax while one of our service providers washes, dries, and folds your laundry for you. Along with the laundry service, you get a bonus mild clean-up session!

Getting tired of seeing all the clutter around the house but can’t find the time to do anything about it? Let us take care of it to help give you peace of mind and relieve that stress. 

You’re able to schedule any of these services right at your fingertips by downloading the Call Emmy app on both iOS and Android.

2. TIDY App

TIDY App - Best Apps For Household Chores

This company is located in Colorado Springs and connects you with top-rated house cleaning services in the surrounding Colorado area. 

This is one of the best house cleaning apps because all you have to do is enter your address in the app and how many rooms and bathrooms you want to be cleaned, and they’ll give you an estimate on how long it will take to complete based on sizing. You’re able to book and pay all on the app. 

Rest assured they have vetted and screened professional cleaners, and you can reach them 24/7. 

This app can be downloaded on both iOS and Android. 

3. Handy

Handy - Best House Cleaning Apps

Handy is growing as one of the best apps for house cleaning due to its easy scheduling and tipping feature. 

This app allows you to schedule weekly, biweekly, or monthly services based on what you desire. You’re also able to change the schedule of services if need be or the kind of service you’re looking for at that time. Packages include bedroom, living room, and common areas, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, and extras such as inside appliances and more. The Handy app allows you to speak directly to the service provider and tip them on the app itself. Inform them how big your home is and schedule how often you’d like them to come out and clean. 

Find the Handy app on iOS and Android.

4. MaidsApp

Maidsapp - Best Apps For Hous Cleaning

If you’re picky about finding the right house cleaner, MaidsApp will help you with this struggle. 

This app makes it easy to find a professional cleaner available on the date and time you want. They offer three different cleaning options: a quick clean, basic clean, and deep clean. You pick whichever service you’re looking for, and a cleaning professional will arrive at the time requested. All of their service providers are thoroughly background checked and trained. 

You can find this app for both iOS and Android. 

5. Cleanio

Cleanio - Best House Cleaning Apps

Located in Denver, Colorado, Cleanio offers cleaning services for moving out, home cleaning, Airbnb’s, and home sanitation. Once you download the app, choose which service you’re looking for, such as a home cleaning or moving out, and schedule the date and time. 

They offer flat rates and automatic billing to make it easier for you. Each service provider is vetted for quality and safety and trained in the cleaning industry. They promise to consistently deliver the best consistent results that keep you coming back. 

Cleanio is currently only available for iOS. 

Closing Thoughts on the Best Apps for House Cleaning & Chores in Colorado

Maintaining a clean and clutter-free household is exhausting as a working mom. I find myself scheduling when I can clean based on what’s happening with work and my family. I feel like I never have enough hours in the day to get everything done that needs to be done!

I’m a big fan of using apps that can help make my life easier. These best apps for house cleaning are a game-changer when you need a helping hand. No need to scroll through Google to find a local house cleaner, read reviews from others, or worry about who you let in your home and if they’re qualified for the job. The companies that have made it possible to download their apps know the struggle of scheduling and choosing the right service providers. 

Are you sitting in your car watching your kid’s soccer game but have a big party coming up and need to get ready? Download these apps for quick and easy scheduling and relieve the stress of finding the time to get the whole house ready for any occasion or just when you need a break. 

As always, Call Emmy is here to not only get your house sparkling clean but also get that big pile of laundry done, decorate for parties, organize, and give you a break when you need it most!

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