Call Emmy Promise

What does our promise mean, in real life? It means that your unequivocal satisfaction is more important to us than making a quick buck. We trust our customers and know that if they bring a concern to our attention, it is real. We also believe in doing the right thing.

We do have one simple rule though:

  • If you are not happy with something, we ask that you tell us within 24 hours of the job completion.

Here are some examples of how we have practiced our Call Emmy Promise:

* We accidentally broke a small picture frame at a client's house and we volunteered to replace it, take it to a repair shop, and get it repaired, or pay for the cost to replace the frame.

* We didn't have time to clean the fridge for a family in an emergency cleaning situation so we offered to go back and finish the job or give the customer a discount on the service.

* None of the babysitters in our network were available to help a mom who needed childcare in just a few short hours, so our founder took the time to find a trusted student who could help that mom out immediately. We made no money on that transaction but we were glad to be able to help that mom who desperately needed childcare.