Exciting Summer Activities for Kids

Long summer days are soon here, which means shaved ice, popsicles, and outdoor adventure. Do you have any summer activities planned? Surely, you don’t want your kids spending all day on YouTube. Save your kids from boredom with summer activities that’ll keep them off their devices and entertained all summer long.

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New Year, New Space: Embracing Decluttering in 2024

Decluttering Tips

Discover essential decluttering tips to transform your home this New Year. Learn how to successfully tackle clutter, organize efficiently, and make the most of your space in 2023. Get expert advice and start your journey towards a tidier, more organized home.

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Hosting a Halloween Movie Marathon in 2024

Halloween Movie Marathon Call Emmy Blog

Dive into the spooky season with our ultimate guide on how to host a Halloween movie marathon. From setting the perfect ambiance and choosing the right movies to serving spooky snacks, we’ve got all the tips for a fun and frightful night in!

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