Sitter Spotlight: Kelley Whalen

Meet Kelley Whalen, a dedicated and valuable member of the Call Emmy team who has been making families’ lives easier for the past five years by babysitting. Her years of teaching experience, paired with her genuine love for kids, make her a wonderful sitter that both parents and kids enjoy having around. Get to know one of our top sitters from the interview, where she shares insight into her life as a Call Emmy sitter.

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Eight Must-Haves for a Babysitter Checklist

You booked a sitter! Now what? What do you need to tell them before leaving home? What can’t you leave out? Here is a babysitter checklist you can go over with any sitter so that both of you feel more comfortable. This way, you avoid any miscommunication. Let’s get started.

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Trusted Denver Childcare Solutions for a Peaceful Holiday

Denver Childcare Solutions

As the holiday season approaches, the challenge of finding the right childcare becomes more pressing for parents in Denver. We all want to make the most out of this festive time, but ensuring our little ones are safe and happy is always a top priority. In my journey as a mom, I’ve discovered several Denver…

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