Four Types of Parenting Styles – Which One is Yours?

Types of Parenting Styles

The role we, as parents, play in our kids’ lives is a big one – everything we say and do with our kids molds their behavior and attitude throughout life. They’re not only building their communication skills but also their personality. This is why we sometimes hear how our kids are either independent, vocal, or…

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Ten Internet Safety Tips for Parents To Keep Kids Safe Online

Internet Safety Tips for Parents

The internet can be a place of learning and wonder for kids. They can research educational topics to interact with their friends and play online games. However, as we all know from, I’m sure, experience, there are many risks associated with using the internet.  From inappropriate content to online predators and cyberbullying, it can be…

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12 Best Summer Camp Tips – Every Parent In Colorado Needs to Know

Summer Camp Tips

If you’re like me, you’re already starting to think about what the summer will bring. As parents, it’s never too early to start planning, crossing the T’s, dotting the I’s, and trying to have some game plan set up to make the days run smoother. Think about it – summer isn’t that far away! Summer…

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Preparing Kids for School Amidst Omicron Fear

Preparing Kids for School Amid Omicron Fear

As parents, we do everything in our power to keep our children safe and healthy during the pandemic. We hope and pray they will remain unaffected by COVID-19 and emerging variants. Now we find ourselves dealing with the new variant Omicron that spreads like wildfire regardless of age, and we see it infecting children at…

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Teaching kids entrepreneurship through a lemonade stand

Teaching Kids Entrepreneurship

Do you want your kid to learn about entrepreneurship? Have them run a lemonade stand! Business is a constant topic of conversation in our house. Last year, my son, Parsa, decided to produce and sell little phone holders using his 3D printer. He did well. This year, he wanted to do a lemonade stand with…

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5 Fun & easy screen-free summer activities for kids

Screen-free Summer Activities For Kids

“Mom, I’m bored.” Who hasn’t heard that from their kiddo in the summer season? Weekday or weekend, it’s no different: elementary school kid at home is equal to hearing “that” statement over and over and over… As much as it is tempting to give these kids a screen to quiet them down for just a…

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How entrepreneurship has helped me in my motherhood journey

Entrepreneurship And Motherhood

I became an entrepreneur a few years after I became a mother. At first, I didn’t think that there would be any issues with having a preschooler and being a startup founder. Little did I know! After a while, I took notice of how my combined entrepreneurship – motherhood journey is unfolding. There are many…

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Must follow guide for parents: summer safety tips for kids

Summer Safety Tips For Kids

The summer season is upon us and I have prepared an extensive guide on summer safety tips for kids that every parent must follow. My son and I were in Tennessee all week last week, visiting my mom. My son (who is turning 9 this week) has gotten into Geocaching. I have to admit, I…

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5 Quick tips on how to deal with mom guilt

How to deal with mom guilt

Are you trying to figure out how to deal with mom guilt? Yeah, me too… I am visiting my mom in Tennessee with my boy and mom’s guilt has been a constant companion. Having to deal with mom’s guilt is quite familiar to me but since the pandemic, mom’s guilt has been more than a…

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What moms really want this Mother’s day?!

Mother's Day wishes

The upcoming Mother’s Day is a perfect occasion to talk about Moms. It is time to take help of some cold, hard statistics to gauge how mothers have been coping with childcare and career after they have been through pandemic. The insight gained by statistics will be instrumental in telling us what moms really need…

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