A complete Halloween guide for working moms and dads – 2022

Halloween Guide For Working Moms

Halloween is only a few days away. So here’s a complete Halloween guide for working moms and dads. This fun event often turns into a stressful one when you put pressure on yourself to do it perfectly. A perfectly decorated house, perfect costumes, or hosting an amazing party which neither you nor your kids enjoy.…

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Teaching kids entrepreneurship through a lemonade stand

Teaching Kids Entrepreneurship

Do you want your kid to learn about entrepreneurship? Have them run a lemonade stand! Business is a constant topic of conversation in our house. Last year, my son, Parsa, decided to produce and sell little phone holders using his 3D printer. He did well. This year, he wanted to do a lemonade stand with…

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Must read! Recommended books for working women & entrepreneurs

Books For Working Women

I am not much into reading fiction; I know I am really strange! Non-fiction and especially books that help working women or working moms, particularly those of us who are ambitious and driven, are a constant companion. I love it when I get to hold a real book, open it, and get lost in it.…

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10 steps to a productive morning routine for working moms

Morning Routine For Working Moms

I have discovered that having a consistent morning routine makes a huge difference in my daily productivity and general likability. As a working mom, I need all the help I can get, and honestly, morning routines make a night and day difference. I have found that my morning routine sets the stage for my entire…

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Best time management tips for working moms [100% Effective]

Time Management For Working Moms

Have you stumbled upon this article trying to learn the best time management tips for working moms? Time management is especially important during the summer months for working parents, especially working moms. I admit it, I am still mastering the art of time management. That said, I have been told, well by myself, that my…

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Remote Learning Blues: How to beat the stress!

Remember the good old days of classroom schooling…. The morning frenzy of waking the kids, getting them dressed, packing the lunch boxes, sending them away with hugs and kisses and……and taking a breath of relief as you get some free time! Free to pursue the day as per your “to-do list” and get on single-mindedly…

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Ground Rules When Working From Home

With schools announcing a delay of in-person education, parents are starting to realize the kitchen barstool may no longer suffice as a suitable office environment. Gauging from what we’ve heard, parents working from home can be placed into three categories. Either you’ve mastered the art of WFH and even have pointers to give; or these…

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10 Remote Learning Tips for Parents

1. Give your child a dedicated workspace that is tidy and organized. A clean workspace will help your child stay on task and avoid distractions. 2. Use a whiteboard or large piece of paper to write down the schedule for each day. Use checkboxes to keep track of the tasks finished. 3. Schedule 2 or…

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