How to Prevent Parental Burnout: A Guide for Busy Parents

How to prevent parental burnout

I had not heard of the phrase “parental burnout” until quite recently but as soon as I heard it, I knew that I had experienced it. Fatigue, lack of motivation, and lack of energy to do things that are normally fun and exciting are just a few signs of parental burnout. I know I am…

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Ten Simple & Effective Desk Exercises For Working Moms

Desk Exercises For Working Moms

Self-care is essential in maintaining a healthy body and mind. However, it’s hard for working mothers to find time to squeeze in a workout with their already busy schedules. It’s nearly impossible to get in a good exercise routine from taking care of the kids, house, and working full-time. Don’t forget the lack of energy…

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Five Common Myths about Working from Home

Common Myths About Working From Home

The pandemic encouraged many organizations to implement remote work, but we have been doing this at Call Emmy since day one!  We hear many misconceptions about conducting business remotely and find the myths to be just that – myths. Without further ado, let’s dive into five common myths about working from home and see, based…

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Before the New Year’s Resolution, Do End-of-Year Reflection

End Of Year Reflection

We are approximately three weeks before the end of the year and we all know, the New Year’s Resolution juices are starting to flow. Before you lock and load on your 2022 resolution, I invite you to do an end-of-year reflection. I have used a few different frameworks and I will share what has worked…

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Working moms and the 4th quarter of the business

Working Moms And The 4th Quarter Of The Business

October is the start of the 4th fiscal quarter in most companies which means cutting corporate spending, hiring freeze, and driving as much revenue as the sales leaders for your business can pull off. What about working moms and the 4th quarter of the business?! Read on! The fourth quarter means that the leaders in…

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Must read! Recommended books for working women & entrepreneurs

Books For Working Women

I am not much into reading fiction; I know I am really strange! Non-fiction and especially books that help working women or working moms, particularly those of us who are ambitious and driven, are a constant companion. I love it when I get to hold a real book, open it, and get lost in it.…

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10 steps to a productive morning routine for working moms

Morning Routine For Working Moms

I have discovered that having a consistent morning routine makes a huge difference in my daily productivity and general likability. As a working mom, I need all the help I can get, and honestly, morning routines make a night and day difference. I have found that my morning routine sets the stage for my entire…

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Best time management tips for working moms [100% Effective]

Time Management For Working Moms

Have you stumbled upon this article trying to learn the best time management tips for working moms? Time management is especially important during the summer months for working parents, especially working moms. I admit it, I am still mastering the art of time management. That said, I have been told, well by myself, that my…

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Common struggles of working moms and how to overcome them

Struggles Of Working Moms

Which working mom do we know who has it all together? Yep, we don’t! There are several challenges and struggles of working moms that might seem trivial to an outsider, but believe me, they are everything but trivial. Let’s start with our favorite topic, the pandemic, shall we? With schools being shut down, working moms…

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