Eight Unique Ways To Celebrate International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women worldwide. It’s not just a day to reflect on the successes women have made thus far but also a call to action for accelerating gender equality. Women have made great strides in creating a more inclusive society, but we still have a long way to go. 

As a woman raising two daughters, I want them to know how special this day is and something to be celebrated. Not only because it took a lot to get where we are today, but because women continue to make positive changes that will enable them to achieve more in their futures.

Unique Ways To Celebrate International Women's Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day and advocate for women’s equality, I have included eight unique ways you, your family, friends, and coworkers can commemorate this wonderful day. 

Exploring All Unique Ways To Celebrate International Women’s Day

1. #BreakTheBias

This year’s official theme for International Women’s Day is #BreakTheBias. It’s a call to action to confront the inequality we still face by raising awareness, taking action against biases, and acknowledging achievements by women. 

Celebrate and show your commitment to this campaign by taking a picture of yourself with your arms in an “X” and sharing it on your social media. Include the hashtags #BreakTheBias and #IWD2022 to challenge the bias we still face today. 

2. Include Everyone in the Conversation

Include Everyone In The Conversation - Ways To Celebrate International Women's Day

Even though International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate women’s accomplishments and rally for gender equality, it’s essential to include people of all genders into the conversation and become advocates.

By bringing more people into the conversation, the chances to spread awareness and make real change happen increases. When you’re planning activities for International Women’s Day, encourage everyone you know to join in the conversation about promoting gender equality for all. 

3. Attend an Online or In-Person Event

Attend An Online Or In-Person Event - Ways To Celebrate International Women's Day

Listening to and sharing stories, experiences, and knowledge with other women is a great way to celebrate International Women’s Day, feel inspired, and seek advice if needed. Many different events are being hosted this year to do just that. 

If you’re looking for events related to this special day, research your local community to see what events may be being held in person. Since many places are still focusing on virtual get-togethers, you can look through social media to find an event that interests you. Encourage family and friends to join and share this unique experience. 

4. Set Up a Get-To-Know-You “Date”

We are surrounded by many inspiring women today. If there’s a woman you work with or know someone within your network from work or friends that you’d love to hear more about, see if they’d be interested in having coffee and talk, either in-person or virtually. 

This is a great chance to feel inspired by hearing about their journey, careers, hopes, dreams, and any topics you’re interested in learning. Not only is this a great way to celebrate International Women’s Day by acknowledging other women, but this can also help you in your journey. 

5. Start A Book Club

Start A Book Club - Ways To Celebrate International Women's Day

Who doesn’t love a good book? When planning activities for this day, think about starting a book club with coworkers, family, or friends to talk about women’s issues and empowerment. 

Creating a book club will go well beyond International Women’s Day, and that’s a good thing! This will keep the conversation going, and reading books focused on gender equality, women’s empowerment, achievements, struggles, and more will inspire everyone to help in the journey of making a change.

6. Support Women-Owned Businesses

Support Women-Owned Businesses - Call Emmy - Ways To Celebrate International Women's Day

Supporting a business created, founded, and owned by women (like Call Emmy) will help their economic success, bring awareness to women in business, and build a flourishing economy for all. 

When looking for specific services or products, search for businesses owned and controlled by women in the industry type you need. It’s a great way to empower women and support local businesses. Let your friends and family know about these companies to help spread awareness around the brands and bridge the gap in equal economic power. 

7. Donate to Charity

If you’re looking to contribute in a more significant way, donate to a charity that focuses on supporting women. You can search if there are local charities in your area or donate to a global charity. 

Many different organizations fight for gender equality for women and women’s rights. One such organization is “Dress for Success.” This is a global non-profit company that empowers women to achieve economic independence. They provide a network of support with other women and supply professional attire and development tools to thrive. 

8. Acknowledge the Women in Your Life

Acknowledge The Women In Your Life - Ways To Celebrate International Women's Day

No matter what a woman is doing in her life, she has worked hard to accomplish everything she has. By simply complimenting them or complimenting them, you’re acknowledging the hard work she has put in, and it will make a world of difference. 

You can give a compliment as you’re walking down the hall, passing them on the street, sending a text, or making a phone call. Words hold strong power, and giving words of encouragement or acknowledging something they’ve done will encourage them to keep going. Think about when you received a compliment or someone realized work you did that you thought wasn’t that big of a deal. How did it make you feel? When I’m acknowledged, I know I want to do more and positively make a more significant difference. Let’s keep this positivity going. 

Closing Thoughts

International Women’s Day is more than just one day to acknowledge all the work done by women to advance and promote gender equality. It’s a day to remember how far we’ve come and where we still need to go. Even though it’s 2022, women are still struggling to be treated equally, which is why we need to have everyone of all genders included in the conversation. 

This is a great day to spread awareness and get the conversation flowing with everyone in our lives. The best way to work up to gender equality is to have as many advocates as possible. These kinds of conversations shouldn’t just be on International Women’s Day but every day. Use March 8th as the start of the conversation and keep it going. 

With various ways to celebrate International Women’s Day, you’re sure to find one that works for you and keeps you feeling comfortable. Some of them may seem minuscule in size of the overall issue, but we have to start somewhere. Starting conversations, listening to others, sharing experiences, asking for advice, donating to charities, supporting women-owned businesses, and more will get us all moving in the right direction. If you haven’t had conversations like these in the past, International Women’s Day is a great time to start and keep things moving forward. 

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