Christmas Presents for Kids: The 2022 Ultimate Gift Guide

Christmas is a magical time for kids. It’s a season of wonder, traditions, and bonding. Opening presents on Christmas morning is a pinnacle event at the end of a child’s year. Although your kids might argue that the days until Christmas are long and slow, as a parent, you might feel like this holiday season is hurtling towards you at dizzying speed. Considering anticipated shipping delays this year, it’s important to start buying Christmas presents for the kids early. If you’re not sure where to start, here’s a list of this year’s hottest, must-have toys.

Christmas presents

PAW Patrol Movie Ultimate City Tower

Adorable puppies, who are emergency responders and demonstrate the value of thoughtful problem-solving? It’s no wonder PAW Patrol has been such a hit! Straight from the movie, the PAW Patrol Ultimate City Tower is a three-foot-tall toy tower that comes with six PAW Patrol puppies, a Chase cruiser, and a mini clip-on backpack.

The tower itself has buttons that set off a variety of lights and sounds. Send the pups to the top of the tower with the vehicle elevator, and then launch them down the ramp, which lights up just like in the movie. This epic playset will bring imagination to life for children ages three and up. Pair it with the PAW Patrol movie as a stocking stuffer for a set of awesome Christmas presents for the kids.

Galactic Snackin’ Grogu Animatronic

Grogu, AKA Baby Yoda, has captured all of our hearts. With his toddler-like mannerisms, it’s easy to see why children find Grogu loveable and might want one of their own! The Galatic Snackin’ Grogu is an animatronic figure that can perform over 40 sounds and motions.

Interact with Grogu as he giggles, eats, and holds up his arms to indicate he wants to be held. After three pats on the head, Grogu will even start channeling the force! Inspired by Disney+ Star Wars, Galactic Snackin’ Grogru is an appropriate Christmas present for children over the age of four.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch OLED Model is incontestably this year’s most anticipated gaming console. The new design’s crowning feature is the 7-inch OLED screen. Young gamers over the age of six will be transfixed by the screen’s vivid colors and crystal clarity. Nintendo has also enhanced the audio quality of this new Switch. The OLED model’s dock is equipped with a LAN port, making connecting online in TV mode easy. With 64 GB of internal storage, your kids are sure to love finding this impressive portable gaming system under the tree.

L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G Movie Magic Studios

LOL Surprise dolls—a popular collectible for children ages five and up—are perennially a phenomenal hit, and have dominated holiday shopping lists for a few years running. This year the O.M.G Movie Magic Studios set includes 12 dolls and 70+ special surprises. The O.M.G Movie Magic Studios packaging also transforms into a movie set, with four stages and a green screen. The set includes a cellphone tripod too, so your child has everything they need to make some movie magic!

Batman Bat-Tech Batcave Playset

The Batman Bat-Tech Batcave Playset is a next-level multi-purpose playset. When closed, it presents as a Batman figurine over 33 inches tall. But once opened, this playset transforms into the Batcave, with 11 individual areas including an armory, jail cell for villains, and garage for the Batmobile.

Your new multi-level Batcave is equipped with a working elevator, lights, and over 40 phrases and sounds. This interactive playset is great for Batman fans over the age of four.

Thames & Kosmos Mega Cyborg Hand STEM Experiment Kit

Parents can feel good knowing the Thames & Kosmos Mega Cyborg Hand is The Toy Association’s STEAM Toy of the Year. The award signifies that this toy encourages and integrates skills across Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics subjects.

With this Experiment Kit, your little scientist over the age of three will learn about engineering with pneumatic and hydraulic systems while building a mechanical hand! Once assembled, hydraulic pistons enable the hand to open and close with precise movement, and even provide enough pressure to pick up objects. The Thames & Kosmos Mega Cyborg Hand can be configured for either the left or right hand.

Squeakee the Balloon Dino

This balloon T-rex is “inflated with fun and personality.” Equipped with over 70 sounds, Squeakee the Ballon Dino interactively roars, walks, and even plays tug-of-war with his bone squeaker. Place the included headphones over his ears and watch this dancing dino bust out the moves.

Squeakee is recommended for kids over the age of five. If the playing gets a little rough and he pops, not to worry. Just pump him back up! Squeakee is sure to be a joy-inducing Christmas present for the kids.

TikTok-Famous TeeTurtle Reversible Octopus

Thanks to TikTok, this plush Reversible Octopus has swept the nation with the same virality of a fidget spinner. The subtle brilliance of this stuffed animal is that its emotion and color change when flipped inside out, making emotional recognition and expression easy and fun for children over the age of three. Without having to articulate a word, your child can express how they’re feeling, and flip their reversible stuffed animal accordingly. There are no shortage of animals, fantasy creatures, moods, and colors from TeeTurtle to choose from.

Plan Your Shopping Early—And Get a Babysitter to Help

This guide is here to help as you decide on those perfect Christmas presents for the kids, but these are only a few hot suggestions. It’s best to start planning your holiday shopping as soon as possible.

The ramp-up to the holiday season is infamously stressful and time-consuming, especially for parents. Buying Christmas presents for kids and keeping them hidden can be an event in itself. Consider hiring a babysitter to watch the kids while you hit the stores to get some gift shopping done. Or, if you’ve already done your holiday shopping online this year, no one says you can’t hire a babysitter for a much-needed holiday spa day!

Call Emmy helps busy parents find quality babysitters in a time crunch. The site thoroughly vets all their sitters with a four-step background check process, and sitters are available for both long- and short-term arrangements. You can also filter your babysitter search results on Call Emmy if your child has specific needs. Signing up for Call Emmy might just be the easiest decision you’ll make this holiday season.

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