Ten Best Closing Gift Ideas for Realtors to Leave an Everlasting Impression on Clients

After months of working with your client, they finally signed off on their dream home! Or they were able to sell their home and start fresh. The best way to end your partnership with your client is to present them with a closing gift. 

A closing gift is a way to show your appreciation for their business and build a long-lasting relationship. 

Closing Gift Ideas For Realtors

Are you trying to find the perfect real estate closing gift that will “wow” your client? It can be challenging to find a gift that applies to them without being overly personal. In this article, I’ve put together ten closing gift ideas for realtors that are sure to leave a lasting, positive impact. 

Exploring All Closing Gift Ideas for Realtors

1. Laundry, Cleaning, Household Chores, and Other Services by Call Emmy

From cleaning, chores, laundry, tidying, dusting, wiping, and other services, you are sure to find a gift that your client will find extremely useful. It’s stressful enough having to move into a new home, then add in cleaning and chores on top of it. These meaningful and memorable real estate closing gifts will help the new homeowners relax and focus on what needs their attention the most.

Call Emmy's Closing Gift Ideas For Realtors

If you know your client can use some help when it comes to household chores and laundry, our three-hour household chores package is a great fit.

Next, we also have regular and deep cleaning packages where our faires will clean every nook and crannies of your client’s home. By the time our Fairies are done, your client’s home will sparkle and nothing less is acceptable. These packages are both available for house sizes ranging from 1,000-5,500 square feet.

We also understand your client may have different preferences for these services. Therefore, we offer a custom package where you can put together a gift that could include cleaning, chores, babysitting, and more.

Lastly, we also offer discounts on bulk orders that won’t break the bank! More details on this are available here.

2. Curated Gift Boxes

Curated gift boxes are a growing trend when it comes to gift baskets. They differ from regular gift baskets because you can personalize them to fit your client and what they like. There is something for everyone, from self-care kits to books or candles.

Curated Gift Box - Closing Gift Ideas For Realtors

Check out Juju Be Gifting, a company specializing in curated gift boxes for a great closing gift!

3. Gift Certificates

If your client just moved to a new neighborhood, this is an ideal closing gift to welcome them and help get to know their new area. Maybe you know a good restaurant or coffee shop in town they should check out.

Chances are you got to know your client in what they love to do outside of the house, so this closing gift idea for realtors can help them do what they love and start exploring.

4. Ring Doorbell

The video ring doorbell is a gift that keeps on giving. It will help your client feel at ease while living in a new neighborhood and when they’re away from the house.

Ring Doorbell - Closing Gift For Realtors

This affordable real estate closing gift uses an app that your client can download and receive updates anytime someone is at their door. This will bring them peace of mind and make their life a little easier. 

5. Roomba Robot Vacuum

Who wouldn’t love a robot to do the vacuuming for you?

If your client has children or pets where messes are sure to follow, the Roomba robot vacuum will be a lifesaver. Your client will be able to set up their new home while the Roomba ensures their floors are spotless. 

6. Consultation with Professional Services

As a real estate agent, you most likely have connections and business relationships with painters and interior designers from the area. This will bring business to those partnerships and help your client receive assistance in personalizing their dream home.

Work with them to create a deal, like a free consultation on services or a discounted price. It’s a win-win!

7. Gift a Class

Giving your client the chance to experience the new neighborhood with this closing gift for realtors is a great way to help them meet new people.

If you learned your client loves to cook, offer the gift of a cooking class to learn a new recipe. Does your client love to paint? A painting class can give them the chance to create beautiful art for their new home. 

8. Google Home Mini

The Google Home Mini is an excellent real estate closing gift for various reasons. Your client will be able to play music or even listen to an audible book while they decorate their home.

Google Home Mini - Closing Gifts For Realtors

Children can use it to play games for fun and educational purposes while their parents are busy unpacking. 

9. Pet Subscription Box

Does your client have pets? Send a gift box from a company for one month, such as BarkBox, that comes with treats and toys for their furry friends.

These high-quality, fun, and safe products are sure to make your client and their little pup happy!  

10. Personalized Welcome Mat

A personalized welcome mat for their front door is one of the most sought-after closing gift ideas for realtors. This will complement your client’s new home and have them remember you.

Personalized Welcome Doormats - Closing Gift Ideas For Realtors

Get the client’s last name embroidered and have it be the first new decor piece they add to their home. 

Why Should Realtors Look for Real Estate Closing Gift Ideas?

Giving your client a closing gift will most likely be the first item they receive for their new home. It will excite the homeowners and leave a lasting impression of your services. 

Whenever they hear someone they know is looking to sell or buy a new home, your business will be top of mind and encourage referrals. A unique and thoughtful closing gift not only helps you personally as a real estate agent but can bring raving reviews on your business as a whole. 

A closing gift is not just about gaining new business or positive reviews. It’s about celebrating with your client on achieving their dreams and you as a real estate agent. Not only did they find the home they always wanted or finally sell their house for a new adventure, but you successfully helped them achieve their goal.

Future referrals and positive reviews will come naturally by connecting with your clients and giving them a real estate closing gift.

How Much Money Should Realtors Spend on Closing Gifts?

The cost you should spend on a closing gift depends on the type of market for which you work. For example, if you work for a high-end real estate company, a gift like a personalized welcome mat may not be the best option. 

However, if you go above and beyond for your client, it will be returned tenfold through reviews and referrals. Just remember, the cost of the gift shouldn’t be the main focus. Giving a meaningful and memorable gift that relates to your client personally is what they’ll remember. 

Wrapping Up…

Closing gifts for your client is part of the closing process. It doesn’t have to be extravagant to be remarkable. The thought behind it will be what the client remembers and how you took a personal interest in their journey. That’s what we at Call Emmy are trying to provide to all the real estate professionals.

These ten closing gift ideas for realtors are unique ways to leave a lasting impression on your client and celebrate their new home. They will never forget what you did for them throughout the entire process and how you were the one who helped them start the next chapter of their lives. 

What are your thoughts on all these closing gift ideas for realtors? Are there any gifts that are not mentioned but would be a good gift? Leave your thoughts and comments below!

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