Ten Simple & Effective Desk Exercises For Working Moms

Self-care is essential in maintaining a healthy body and mind. However, it’s hard for working mothers to find time to squeeze in a workout with their already busy schedules. It’s nearly impossible to get in a good exercise routine from taking care of the kids, house, and working full-time. Don’t forget the lack of energy by the end of the day!

When it comes to reading advice on how to stay fit and healthy as a working mother, I prefer to hear from actual working mothers who make it happen. Just because we’re sitting at a desk all day doesn’t mean we can’t do some exercises that will help increase energy, strengthen our muscles, and help us feel our best. 

I have found ten simple desk exercises for working moms that you can do at the comfort of your desk to give you results!

Desk Exercises For Working Moms

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Importance of Desk Exercises for Working Moms

Have you noticed in the past that you seem to feel better throughout the day, both physically and mentally, when you work out? Of course, this was before having a full plate of tasks and schedules! Performing the most straightforward desk exercises for working moms has increased energy, productivity, and creativity. It helps reduce stress and enables you to think clearly. 

Instead of hitting that midday slump, you’ll have more energy to complete other tasks throughout the day. The more energy you have, the less daunting those extra tasks will feel. When night rolls around, you’ll be able to have a better night’s sleep. I’ve heard countless times that to improve my sleep pattern, I need to work out for hours on end throughout the week. This isn’t true! Any physical activity to keep you active and increase your energy throughout the day helps you slip into an improved night’s rest. Desk exercises can do just that.

10 Desk Exercises for Working Moms

1. Stretch

Stretch - Desk Exercises For Working Moms

Like any workout routine, stretching is necessary to help get your muscles engaged and ready to go. This still applies to performing desk exercises. It’ll target your arms, shoulders, chest, hips, and legs. 

Before sitting down, stand straight facing your desk. Take your hands and interlock your fingers. From here, place both hands behind your head and open your shoulders and chest by widening your arms with your elbows pointed out. Move your hips and chest forward as you pull your elbows back as much as you can. Hold this position for anywhere between fifteen and thirty seconds. You’ll be amazed how you feel your body stretch and relax all at the same time. 

2. Crunches at the Computer

This exercise is perfect for toning your abs. This will help improve your ab muscles and improve your posture while sitting at the desk.

Make sure to sit tall in your chair and have both hands shoulder-width apart. Using your desk or chair, press down firmly and bring your knees about two to three inches off the floor towards you. As you lift, be sure to squeeze your knees. You can do this as many times as you like throughout the day, or make it part of your work-day by doing this each time you read an email, switch between tabs, or any task at hand. 

3. Pushups

Pushups - Desk Exercises For Working Moms

Doing pushups is a great way to tone your arms and abs simultaneously. Of course, I’m not telling you to drop to the floor and start counting! This simple desk exercise will help increase muscle tone while giving your fingers a break from typing. 

You can do this either at your desk, a table, or even the printer while you wait! Place your hands shoulder-width apart with your feet hip-width apart. Squeeze your ab muscles as you lower yourself about one to two inches above your desk. Keep your head straight with your body while looking down. As you lower yourself, exhale slowly. While coming back up, be sure to inhale until back in starting position. 

4. Chair Squats

Chair Squats - Desk Exercises For Working Moms

This workout will help tone your glutes and thighs. It’ll give your legs a much-needed stretch after sitting for so long.

All you have to do is sit at the very edge of your chair before starting. Stand up while keeping your spine straight, then slowly down like you’re about to sit. As soon as you feel yourself tap your chair, stand right back up. I often use this, and let me tell you, I feel the burn!

Or, you can do the conventional squats with no chair.

5. March in Your Spot

This is a great exercise to perform after lunch, and you feel that midday energy dump! Marching in your spot will help your entire body increase energy and get that adrenaline pumping. 

Stand up from your desk and move your chair to the side. Start by literally marching in front of your desk with your knees getting as high as you feel comfortable. Raise your arms above your head and lower them to your shoulders as you’re marching. With each march, you can alternate arms where one is still raised, and the other is at your shoulder. If this is too complicated, lower both arms simultaneously with each alternate step.

6. Alternating Leg Raises

Alternating Leg Raises - Desk Exercises For Working Moms

If you’re looking to relieve stress while helping improve your hips and quadriceps, this exercise is for you. Alternating leg raises will help improve your stress levels while targeting those lower body muscles. 

This exercise requires a little room but not much. Take a couple of steps back from your desk and keep your chair to the side. Swing one leg at a time forward with either a bent knee or straight leg, depending on your comfort level. Alternate each leg and have them come up no higher than your hips. As you’re moving your legs, you will also swing your arms to the sides of your head with each leg raise. I find this exercise quite fun and do this when I’m feeling overwhelmed. 

7. Tricep Dips

Tricep Dips - Desk Exercises For Working Moms

This exercise targets both the back of your arms, abs, and thighs. Doing tricep dips will build strength and improve your range of motion as this targets multiple areas. 

If it doesn’t roll away from you, you can use your chair. If you have a rolly chair, I suggest using your desk for this exercise. Have your legs in front of you with your feet placed flat on the floor. Put your hands behind you, either on your chair or desk, and grip firmly. As you lower yourself down, squeeze your ab muscles to help keep balance and strengthen your core. Once you’ve lowered to a sitting position, hold for a few seconds, then raise yourself back up. 

8. Calf Raises

Calf Raises - Desk Exercises For Working Moms

Calves need love too! This exercise specifically targets your calves and gives a great stretch you didn’t know you needed. 

Stand in front of your desk with feet hip-width apart. Raise your heels off the ground under your standing only on your toes. Slowly lower yourself back down until your feet are flat on the floor. 

9. Seated Back Stretch

Sitting at a desk all day can take a toll on our backs. A seating backstretch will help relieve back pain, especially the lower back. 

Start with just sitting in your chair. Any chair will do, so don’t worry if you have a rolly chair. Keep both feet flat on the ground while shoulder-width apart. With a straight back, lean forward and bend as far as possible. Keep your arms loose and let them fall at your side. Hold this for no more than thirty seconds before coming back up. Repeat this as often as your back needs. 

10. Donkey Kicks

This exercise will target your glutes and hamstrings. It will help relieve any tension you’re experiencing sitting in a chair and stretch the front of your thighs. 

The position you take is similar to the desk pushups. While facing your desk, lean against it and keep your body in a straight line. Take one leg and bend it while your other leg stays straight. Raise your bent leg and slowly kick it back. Don’t kick fast like your hitting a ball behind you, but slowly with a controlled motion. Lower your bent leg and repeat with the other side.  

Closing Thoughts 

As full-time workers and parents, we’re always on the go and can forget to care for ourselves. Even though we sit at a desk, we can still find time and desk exercises for working moms to help reduce our stress levels and increase energy. It’ll help create a positive mindset, and from there, positive things will happen.

Think about the times we’re sitting there waiting for something to load, print, or approve a task. We can do these exercises during those times instead of just staring at the screen. Throwing in a stretch or exercise does wonder for not only our physical health but, more importantly, our mental health. I’ve done these exercises and find I have more energy to complete my work tasks and tackle other chores at home. 

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