Laundry Made Easy: 10 Tips for Efficient In-House Management for Busy Parents

Dear fellow parents,

As a mom who juggles between kids, work, and home, I’ve learned a thing or two about multitasking, especially when it comes to managing household chores. One task that can consume our time like no other is doing laundry.

efficient laundry

Experiencing a laundry disaster or two is almost a rite of passage for us parents, and over these years, I’ve discovered methods to transform this chore from a monster task into a manageable routine. I’m thrilled to impart to you a list of ten invaluable techniques designed to make your laundry process smoother, along with some pro-tips for that bonus assistance. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this efficient laundry adventure!

Efficient Loading:

Start by considering how you load your washing machine. Overloading can result in poorly cleaned clothes and underloading is not energy efficient. Try to find the happy medium where your clothes have enough room to move and get cleaned properly. Clothes should be loosely packed.

Pro tip: Use a laundry scale to weigh your laundry and ensure the load is just right for your machine. Many modern machines also have load-sensing technologies. Check if your machine supports it here.

Choose the Correct Cycle:

Different types of fabric need different types of care. While your cotton clothes may be perfectly happy on a regular cycle, your delicates and woolens might not appreciate it.

Pro tip: Save the user manual for your washing machine in a safe place or bookmark the online version. This way, you can always check which cycle is best for your clothes. For those who have lost their manuals, check online versions here.


Sort your laundry by color and fabric type. Even though it may feel like a bit of an additional chore, this process can safeguard your clothing from potential color mix-ups and staining incidents.

Pro tip: Make it a habit for your children to sort their clothes the moment they take them off. It can serve as an enjoyable and educational activity about differentiating colors and textures, and it’ll also save you some precious time.

Pre-treat Stains:

Pretreat any stains as soon as they occur. Different types of stains require different treatment methods.

Pro tip: Keep a stain removal chart handy. Check out this handy guide here.

Detergent Dosage:

Using too much detergent can leave residue on your clothes and machine, while too little might not clean your clothes properly.

Pro tip: If you’re using a high-efficiency (HE) washing machine, make sure to use HE detergent. Here’s a quick guide to understand detergent dosage here.

Dryer Efficiency:

Clean your lint trap regularly for the most efficient drying. Also, don’t overload your dryer. Clothes need room to tumble freely for effective drying.

Pro tip: Some items like towels and heavy cotton can take longer to dry. To save energy, dry similar fabrics together. Here’s a quick guide on using your dryer efficiently here.

Ironing and Folding:

Iron and fold your clothes as soon as they are dried. This will prevent wrinkles and keep your clothes looking fresh.

Pro tip: For clothes that are prone to wrinkles, hang them immediately after drying. Need ironing tips? Find them here.


Organize your laundry room to keep it clutter-free. Having everything you need in its place will make your laundry task easier.

Pro tip: Use vertical storage and labels to maximize space. Check out these innovative & efficient laundry room organization ideas here.

Utilize Time Delay:

Many modern washing machines have a time delay function. Use this to time your washes around your schedule.

Pro tip: Schedule your wash so that it finishes just as you wake up or get back from work. This will prevent clothes from sitting wet in the machine for too long.


Set a specific day or time for doing laundry. This will help you stay on top of the task and not let it pile up.

Pro tip: Do small loads daily or every other day. This will help to reduce the burden of laundry day. Here are some schedule ideas to help you here.

Remember, the goal is not to make laundry a burden, but to incorporate it into our busy lives in a way that feels seamless and even a bit enjoyable!

Wrap up!

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Until next time, happy efficient laundry day!


Your friend at Call Emmy

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