Employee Wellness Programs: Top Reasons to Include Childcare Solutions

Improve employee wellness and productivity by offering childcare plans that facilitate a work-life balance and demonstrate that your company cares.

For companies, it’s essential to include childcare solutions as part of any employee wellness program. Parents are increasingly giving up well-established careers to stay home with their children—and not by choice. Companies fail to provide solutions to help families balance their careers and home lives. We can do better.

We can offer our employees several support options, like on- or off-site childcare, childcare subsidies, or backup care services. Including family care options in your employee wellness program adds value to your organization by establishing a long-term relationship with your employees and demonstrating that you care about them. A comprehensive wellness program can improve employee retention, job satisfaction, and productivity by improving their work-life balance.

Employee Wellness Options

Employers must consider today’s diverse workforce to retain and attract top talent. A high-quality employee wellness package should include health benefits, flex time, and childcare benefits. Consider adding wellness benefits that reflect any potential lifestyle, like pet care or gym memberships. Most employees may not even utilize every benefit you offer; however, a well-rounded employee wellness plan promotes work-life balance and benefits equity that directly reflects your company culture.

Family concerns impact employees at all levels of your company—from entry-level to upper management. Your talent will seek opportunities that benefit the whole family, not just the employee. And if you don’t offer these types of benefits, employees are more likely to select a company that considers their everyday needs—and some may leave the workforce altogether. You want to consider supporting your team’s work-life balance. Childcare needs are not exclusive to your onsite employees. Even team members working from home can benefit from childcare options.

Consider creating an in-house facility or partnering with a nearby daycare center for on-site services. New parents often struggle to refocus on their work once they return to the office, and many parents stress when seeking high-quality, affordable daycare. On-site daycare options and vetted partnerships can ease the stress of finding care for children and help ease separation anxiety, both of which help employees focus on their work.

Beyond on-site services, you can provide additional family support options. Childcare solutions can include subsidies or access to childcare services, giving parents a bit of additional flexibility. Parents can choose the childcare options that best suit their needs—and you can provide them with support to find their perfect match when selecting long-term nannies or short-term babysitters.

Employee Wellness Programs: Childcare Solutions
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Benefits of Offering Childcare as an Employee Wellness Benefit

Whether you provide on-site childcare or access to childcare services, offering childcare as a baseline employee wellness benefit can dramatically improve your team’s well-being. Beyond improving their personal life experiences, companies will experience an immediate return on their investment.

These programs help parents and employees reduce stress and improve employer communication. Employees can feel more in control of their lives by accessing parenting resources, such as online daycare services, pick-up and drop-off services, coaching classes, and workshops. Problems resolved through childcare programs include absenteeism, morale, flexibility, motivation, and work-life balance.

1. Improved Employee Morale and Satisfaction

Employees increasingly seek workplaces prioritizing employee wellness, including job satisfaction and team morale. Listening to your employees’ needs results in happier, more satisfied team members. Childcare solutions encourage a better work-life balance—and a healthy work-life balance leads to less stress from personal responsibilities, increasing retention and overall job satisfaction.

A wellness program that considers an employee’s family needs helps them feel more supported and valued by their employer. Happier employees tend to be productive and more likely to return to work after significant life events, like childbirth.

2. Improved Employee Retention

When you’ve built your dream team, you want to keep them! Employees are likelier to stay with a company offering high-quality childcare benefits. Employers must foster a caring culture that promotes a positive work-life balance.

Most working parents feel that developing a career or progressing at their workplaces is challenging after having children. Just because working parents need flexible schedules doesn't mean they shouldn't be considered for senior positions! Encourage your team to grow with the company by supporting them in their personal lives.

3. Enhanced Recruitment Branding

Find the right people for the right job by highlighting your employee wellness benefits. Let potential team members know your company’s values by offering childcare or family care options. These benefits not only help improve your team’s quality of life and your company’s productivity, but they also help improve your company’s reputation. Happy team members help attract and retain top talent and demonstrate that your company cares.

4. Increased Employee Productivity

People are your priority, but productivity is your bottom line. You are already improving productivity by improving morale, employee retention, and attracting top talent. A well-trained team that is integrated into your company will be dedicated to your company. However, a team with a positive work-life balance and minimal stress from everyday responsibilities will focus more on their work responsibilities. Employees who feel cared for and appreciated are also more likely to concentrate and be productive on the job.

Employee Wellness
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Employee Wellness is Company Wellness

To assist employees in balancing their work and personal lives, businesses must provide childcare solutions. A comprehensive employee wellness program should include daycare, flexible work schedules, and health benefits. With the help of childcare subsidies or access to care services, parents can select the childcare solutions that best meet their needs. Improve your company culture and team productivity by helping your team reduce stress. At Call Emmy, we can help your company meet family care plans to improve motivation, morale, flexibility, and work-life balance. Remember that investing in your team is investing in your company!

Discover more childcare solutions or more information on our corporate packages, and team up with the childcare experts at Call Emmy today!

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