FAQs (Partners)

You asked, we answered.

Can I adjust my availability to include the weekends? I'm not sure how often I'd be able to pick up those shifts, but I'd like to have the option for the days I do end up being available.

Absolutely, you can adjust your schedule on the app.

Is it okay to take off my face mask when doing the chores?

Some of our clients require you to wear your mask while cleaning, but some clients may tell you that you can remove your mask, please refer to the client for mask requirements.

Will I get paid a cancellation fee if the booker canceled due to illness?

We waive the cancellation fee in the case of illness.

The customer wants their entire house cleaned. Minus the basement. Do we charge the same amount if they request those things?

Pricing is based upon the square footage of the home.

Do we have a dress code for cleaning?

You are on the job and are expected to dress appropriately.

What are the possible reasons for me to be removed from the service provider platform?

You will be removed from the service provider platform for the reasons including, but not limited, to the following:

  • You skipped an appointment without prior notice and without a valid reason.

  • You connect with the client offline. Established a direct business relationship with the client.

  • You get 3 complaints from clients in a 12-month period.
What does ‘pause booking’ mean?

It means the booker cancelled or stopped their bookings, but intends to book again.

What do I do if the client wants me to use a specific product?
  • If the client already has the product, you can use it.  

  • If the client requests products that they do not have yet, we can and will purchase them, charge them for it, and then please leave them at the customer’s home for future cleanings.
What do I do if the client has symptoms of a cold?

You are expected to report that to us as soon as possible.

I signed up as a babysitter. What should I do in order to create the best experience for the child and the bookers?

Great question!  First, be sure to reach out to bookers through the chat function in the app BEFORE the scheduled start and introduce yourself and some fun factoids about yourself.  You can send them a quick and polite text, letting them know you are their sitter and you are available to them if they have any questions before the booking.  At the booking, getting all the details from parents about their rules and their kiddos is a good idea.  For your convenience, we have created a checklist that you can use at your booking for childcare. To access the checklist, please click here.

Am I allowed to use my phone (listen to music) while doing the job?

Yes, you may listen to music with headphones, and accept/make brief calls, if necessary.

In the deep clean package, do I also deep clean the fridge and the oven?

No, those are extra up charges for the inside of the fridge and oven.

Are the clients responsible for providing supplies and equipment for cleaning?

No, you are expected to bring your own supplies and equipment. But you can use the products and equipment provided by the client if it is requested.

Do I have to clean the whole house?

You are expected to provide your services within the designated area that the client specifies.

Am I required to be vaccinated?

Some clients do require vaccinations, it will depend on the client.

Can I leave my equipment and supplies at the client’s house if it’s a recurring booking?

All equipment and supplies have to be removed from the client’s house upon completion of the job. (Unless it's a specific product purchased for the client.)

Are we insured?

Yes, Call Emmy has a very comprehensive policy and we ask that all of our Fairies obtain their own General Liability coverage as an independent contractor.

What happens if I am late for the scheduled appointment?

Any time later than 5 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment is not acceptable. Being always late might cause you to be removed from Call Emmy’s service provider platform.

Why do I need to download the app?

With our new app, you no longer have to go through HQ to communicate with the customer. You can now simply send them text messages through the chat function of our new and improved Call Emmy app. You will have your own booking dashboard, you can set your hours according to your availability. You can decide how you want to be notified, and much more!

Since you pay me and not the family, is this a 1099 situation?

This is a 1099-K situation. In reality, we don't touch the money. Our technology splits the money from the booker as it comes in. 70% goes to you and the rest goes to us. You are considered an independent contractor that the family hires. Our technology matches you and the family.  Please review the Independent Contractor Agreement Updated March 11 2023 that you will be asked to sign upon activating with Call Emmy.

Are the jobs based on zip code?

Yes, it is correct that you will only be notified for jobs that are within 15 miles from your zip code. A hack to get notified for more jobs would be to change your zip code (not your address) to 80202. Also, since you are new, you only see the jobs that pop up from the time you joined the platform so a lot of jobs that were booked before you started would not show up on your dashboard. Keep checking though.