You asked, we answered.

How do you screen your service providers?

Safety is our number one priority and we take great care and caution selecting our service providers. Whether we work with partner companies or individual providers, we ensure that every person who is entering your home has been thoroughly background checked and reference checked. In addition, we do a myriad of other verifications in order to ensure that we feel good about our service providers. Please refer to our Safety page for more information.

Why are your cleaning prices higher than what I can find on my own?

We strongly believe in equitable pay for our service providers and hence, we may not be the least expensive provider.

If I book a service ASAP, how soon can I receive it?

We begin working on scheduling your service as soon as we receive it, and in many cases, we are able to provide you with that emergency service. If not, we work with you to provide the service at the most expeditious time possible.

Can I choose my service provider?

We can’t guarantee that a single provider that you choose will be available at the exact time you need them. However, once you have had a service by one of our providers, we will make a point of ensuring that you have that provider in the future as well.

How do I pay my service provider?

Payment is processed automatically. When you book your service, you enter your credit card details. Your card is authorized at that time, but you don’t actually get charged until 24 hours prior to your scheduled service.

Are you insured?

Absolutely! If you have any questions about our insurance, feel free to contact us at hello@callemmy.com.

What COVID practices do your service providers follow?

We practice strict adherence to CDC guidelines. Our service providers are expected to have face covering, carry their own hand sanitizers and use it while on the job, and maintain 6-feet of distance from others at all times. Please refer to our COVID page for more information.

Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

We have the Call Emmy Promise! If you are not fully satisfied with our work, we promise to make it right.

Can I purchase these services as gifts for my friends and family?

Absolutely! You can contact us at hello@callemmy.com and tell us about the service you want to purchase for your friend. We will issue you a gift certificate that you can email to your friend. Soon, we will provide the ability for you to purchase a gift card right on the app.

What if my service provider doesn’t show up?

We do a lot of work to make sure this doesn’t happen -- including check-ins with service providers leading up to the booking. But if it does happen, our team will do everything in our power to find a replacement ASAP, and if we are unable to fulfill the service within 1 hour, we will provide a full refund.

What is your cancellation policy?

7 business days or more before booking: Full Refund

Up to 24 hours before booking: $50 or 50% of the job, whichever is higher

Within 24 hours: No refund

Is there a fee to join Call Emmy?

Nope! It's free to download and check out the app. You only pay when you book one of our services.