How To Find a Babysitter for a Sick Kid

Parenting is all about balance. You have to juggle work and home responsibilities and keep yourself sane and running, all while keeping up with your kids’ school and social calendar. This gets even more complicated when your kids get sick! How do you handle that extra wrinkle when you already have so many responsibilities on your plate? Knowing how to find a babysitter for when your kid is sick can be a lifesaver.

You have meetings to get to at work, your kid has to take time off from school. Even the most attentive parent can’t be in two places at once, and if you don’t have the luxury of being able to take time off, it may seem like an impossible situation. This is when a sitter (or other specialized childcare option) for your sick kid can be a help.

Sick Child Daycare Centers

You may not know this, but there are daycare centers that specialize in caring for sick kids! These centers usually have a registered nurse on duty. They generally accept kids between four months and four years in age, and sometimes even older. These centers group kids according to illness and allocate contagious kids to individual rooms, so as to keep everyone safe. Kids with minor illnesses may be grouped together so that they have someone to play with.

It goes without saying that keeping these spaces sterile is critical, and these centers keep rigorous cleaning schedules to ensure the environment stays germ-free. There are always qualified medical professionals on-site, so you know your kid is in good hands should their illness take a turn for the worse.

However, no matter how clean and attentive the space is, there is always a chance of cross-contamination. No amount of scrubbing and sanitizing can change the fact that it is a group of sick kids interacting with one another. There is always a chance that your kid could pick up a bug from another child. Also, it is important to remember that most of these centers require you to pre-register—so don’t just try arriving on their doorstep!

Babysitter for a Sick Kid

Care Apps Can Help You Find a Babysitter For Your Sick Kid

While daycare centers do provide much-needed solutions for some parents, there are still those who prefer to keep their kids at home when unwell. We all know there is nothing better than curling up in bed when you’re not feeling great. Care apps are a great way to find a babysitter for your sick kid. Apps like Call Emmy have a range of after-school sitters who are equipped to take care of sick kids stuck home from school. Many of Call Emmy’s sitters even have nursing training!

Hiring a sitter to look after your kid in these situations offers a number of benefits. First, you know your kid is safely tucked in at home. You only have one person to check in with, so you have a direct line of communication. Your kids are also isolated from other potential illnesses when their systems are weaker, unlike in a daycare center. Your kid can hunker down so their body can focus on the healing process.

While you want to be by your kid’s side the whole time, the reality of today’s world is that in most homes, both parents have to work. Having a babysitter relives some of the guilt you may feel as a parent for being trapped at the office when your baby is sick.

Care apps also ensure that your babysitter has the skills necessary to attend to your child. For example, Call Emmy conducts a thorough four-step background check of every sitter. This ensures that your sitter is appropriately trained and safe to have around your kids and in your home. Filtering for experience levels and skills means you can also target a sitter for your specific needs!

Talk to Your Babysitter About Your Kid’s Illness

While plenty of babysitters are qualified to deal with sick kids, nobody likes to be caught off-guard. It is only fair that you are upfront and honest about the situation. A sitter who knows what challenges they will face when they accept a job will arrive prepared and ready to properly care for your sick child.

Remember, surprises are awkward. Some babysitters have serious reasons for not wanting to take care of sick kids: say, a family member with a compromised immune system at home. On the other hand, there are babysitters who enjoy helping out when little kids are sick. Either way, being upfront is always the best policy.

A Solution For The Sick Kid Challenge

Getting sick is always a burden. But when your kid gets sick, arranging care while you’re busy providing for the family can seem like an impossible task! Turning to a babysitter in times like this can be just the assist you need.

Of course, part of the challenge is how to find the right babysitter when your kid gets sick. The perfect babysitter is one who gives you the flexibility you need to keep your days going, and who knows what they’re doing. A well-vetted babysitter comes with training and experience, giving you the assistance you need.

Apps like Call Emmy can help you find the perfect match! Our network of more than 25,000 vetted and qualified sitters and nannies mean finding a babysitter has never been easier. The goal is “sitters on demand”—so you can be assured of childcare even for those last-minute surprises. Since every sitter is thoroughly screened and vetted, you know you kid will be in capable hands. Check out Call Emmy today and complete the short onboarding quiz to find the perfect babysitter for your needs!

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