How to Find a Summer Babysitter or Nanny

Summer holidays are supposed to be fun and exciting, right? But if you’re a working parent with young children, there is one big barrier to enjoying a free and easy summer: finding caring and capable hands to take care of the kids when needed. Finding the right fit for the role of summer babysitter can be challenging, since it is a temporary yet full-time role, and the demand is often high. Not every babysitter or nanny will be interested in a short-term role, or have the skills to keep the kids safe AND entertained for long summer days.

With many factors to consider in choosing the right babysitter for your family, it may feel like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be. Knowing exactly what you want, where to find a trusted candidate, and how to make sure they fit your requirements can ease your hunt for the best summer babysitter.

In this guide, we’ll help you simplify every step of the process to ensure your children are in good hands this summer.

Summer Babysitter
Summer holidays offer a lot of opportunities for outdoor activities that require additional responsibility on the babysitter’s part.
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5 Steps to Simplify Finding a Summer Babysitter

1. Outline Your Specific Child Care Needs

Start by defining exactly what you need from a babysitter, including their duties, qualifications, and experience, the rate you’re offering, and the number of hours they are expected to work. Having this set out from the very beginning will avoid wasting time interviewing unsuitable candidates. The clearer the information you provide up front, the better. Examples of criteria you may want to include are:

  • Expected working hours
  • Drivers’ license requirements (if you’ll want them to transport the children)
  • Experience working with children in a certain age group
  • Special needs experience for children that require additional care due to disability, illness, or other conditions
  • Duties including any cooking for the kids, developmental activities, and entertainment
  • Assistance required with homework, projects, or sport and the specific subject knowledge or skillsets that may be beneficial
  • First aid, CPR, lifeguarding, and swimming skills
  • Language preference

2. Start Hiring Early

Leaving your summer babysitter search till the last minute can leave you with a childcare crisis. Make sure you give yourself (and your potential sitter) enough time to prepare. Give yourself at least a one- to two-month head start so that you find the most suited babysitter for your family. Babysitters are in high demand during this time. You aren’t only looking for someone who matches your criteria on paper, but also someone who you feel comfortable with and, just as importantly, who your kids feel comfortable with.

3. Identify Babysitting Qualifications

Summer babysitting offers a lot of opportunities for outdoor activities that require additional responsibility on the nanny’s part. This includes sun protection, handling bug bites, cuts, bruises, and swimming safety. First aid, CPR, or lifeguarding are all qualifications you want to look for depending on the environment your children will be in.

Also consider prior childcare experience with children of a similar age group as well as any sports, art, or developmental skills.

When choosing a summer babysitter, consider prior childcare experience with children of a similar age group.
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4. Conduct Interviews and Trial Runs

Summer holidays mean your children will be spending a lot of time with their new sitter. Arrange a family introduction so everyone can get to know each other in a comfortable environment and to see how your kids and the babysitter interact. Since your children will be spending time alone with the babysitter while you are at work, give them time to build a little trust while you are around as well.

Before any introductions, have a one-on-one interview with the potential babysitter to make sure you are comfortable with them and ascertain whether you feel they will be a good fit. During the interview, ask open-ended questions that will prompt the candidate to elaborate instead of simply answering ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Questions that will help you gain information about their experience and babysitting style can include:

  • Tell me about your last babysitting job?
  • What are your favorite activities to do with kids?
  • Describe a typical day with children during summer vacations?
  • What type of work scenario are you looking for?
  • What do you love most and least about working with children?
  • What is the most challenging situation you have had watching children?

5. Save Time Using an On-Demand Babysitting App

On-demand apps like Call Emmy are a gift from the babysitting gods. Not only does it make it easy to find a babysitter near you, but it also ensures that all listed babysitters have undergone a thorough vetting process to give you peace of mind. The Call Emmy app specifically has the following benefits:

It allows you to create your own shortlists of favorite nannies

You can make one for evening sitters, daytime backup babysitters, or if you need help on vacation. This way you can simply pull from your pool of favorites by sending a request via the app when you need assistance with your kids.

You can exchange secure messages with your nanny

You can chat with your babysitter via the app before and during your booking. This means you can send instant requests for sitting services and get updates on how your kids are doing during the day.

Get updates from your babysitter on how your kids are doing during the day with Call Emmy.

Simplified rates

The app sets the hourly fee according to the going rate in your area. This helps you avoid negotiations, unreasonable rates, and inconsistencies.

Rigorous 4-step screening for all listed babysitters and nannies

Before any babysitters are listed on the app, they must pass Call Emmy’s in-depth 4-step screening process, ensuring that they are trustworthy, punctual, and experienced. The carefully structured process not only determines whether a candidate has ever committed a crime but whether they are ever likely to. The procedure includes:

  • National Criminal Search
  • Social Security Number Trace
  • Global Watchlist Search
  • County-level Criminal Search
  • 50-State Sex Offender Search

The screening also includes a skills test ensuring that all babysitters are qualified in safety procedures for kids as well as behavioral profiling.

Ongoing babysitter records

Once the babysitters are listed on the app, they can receive ratings from parents. Call Emmy is continually notified of anything troublesome that will result in the suspension of the sitter on the platform.

Conclusion: How to Find a Babysitter Near Me?

Call Emmy offers a one-stop babysitter shop. Whether you need summer babysitting or someone to watch your kids for 3 hours on date night, you can find pre-vetted candidates in your area at the touch of a button. Don’t delay before booking your summer babysitter to ensure you get the best candidate for your family. Find out how it works and start your search.

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