Five Foods to Improve Focus

It’s no secret that we are more distracted than ever. Focus has become a superpower. While sugar and coffee can keep us fueled until noon, we need to eat food that will get us up Mount Elbert at two and have our game time helmets on when the kids rush in at four.

While fast fixes (looking at you 3rd cup of coffee) give us an “I did it!” feeling, it’s time we start implementing the foods that will help us finish the season strong, not just the game. Because when it comes to your health you’ve got to be in it for the long haul. This week add these five foods to your grocery list and see if you feel a difference when firing up your brain.

Breakfast: Blueberry OatmealWhy: Packed with a high concentration of antioxidants, this superfood helps balance the number of free radicals in your body to counteract oxidative stress.

Breakfast/Snacks: Avocado ToastWhy: Besides the Instagram worthy content, Avocado is going to provide monounsaturated fats to help with healthy blood flow.

Snacks: Nuts and Dark ChocolateWhy: Ditch Stash the potato chips and fix your sweet and salty cravings with a handful of almonds and your favorite chocolate. Nuts provide antioxidants while keeping you full and the dark chocolate can provide caffeine to increase focus.

Lunch/Dinner:Super Simple SalmonWhy: Full of Omega-3’s this fatty acid is known to be highly beneficial to your brain by providing more oxygen; resulting in room to attain more information.

Anytime: Turmeric Tofu ScrambleWhy: Good for breakfast, lunch or dinner, the curcumin found in turmeric has been found to support working memory, calmness and satisfaction in coping with mental strain.

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