The Best Forums and Support Groups for Parents

Finding the right support is hard work, especially if you’re a parent. Supportive friends and family are great but they may not have the answers you need when you need them.

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Maybe you need more than the small talk you get at your kid’s swim class, dance class, or soccer practice. If it’s a connection you’re looking for, this post is for you. The forums and support groups listed here offer the chance to laugh, lament, and foster friendships that improve your well-being. Have a read and find the community that gets you. Forum is one of the top forum sites for moms. There are over 285,000 members on the platform venting, laughing, and sharing tips on how to navigate motherhood at all stages. There are more than 16,000,000 posts for you to read, and they are monitored by moderators and administrators. With a quick view of the site, you’ll find top forums that discuss life with toddlers, pregnancy and women’s health. Visit the site and take part in a conversation that interests you.

What to Expect Forum has a well-organized layout full of great content for parents. The site has a news section and a baby products section, but the community page is the best part. On the page, you can filter by state, family, health concerns, and developmental stages. You can even find a group based on your delivery month. Simply click the community link on the site to start connecting with parents like you.

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Reddit Parenting

The /r/Parenting tag for Reddit has 6.8 million members who are honest about the stress of child-rearing. You can read discussions about early pregnancy, potty training, and breastfeeding. If you have teenagers, you’re welcome to share, too. The forum is for those with kids of any age. You can filter by advice, behavior, diet and nutrition, school, and your child’s age group. If you’re not ready to sift through all the advice on the posts, try the Reddit community r/ things my kid said to get a good laugh.

Parents Helping Parents

This is a free virtual support website with educational topics and profound discussions. A highlight of this organization is the single parents group. It’s open to any single parent who wants to connect with those who understand the struggle of raising kids alone. It’s a welcoming community where they discuss topics like:

  • Strategies for stress management
  • Parenting guilt
  • Co-parenting or parallel parenting
  • Family Court System
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What’s special about Parents Helping Parents is that they go beyond the forum boards and provide resources for community group members. To explore the resources, go to their Directory of Free Resources for Parents page. Although trained volunteers monitor the group discussions, which are conducted weekly over Zoom, it’s the parents who lead the discussions. The groups are confidential and open to new members. If you need support, Parents Helping Parents is a community worth trying out.

The other parent groups include:

  • Parenting in Recovery
  • Parenting Highly Sensitive Kids
  • Parenting Teenagers
  • Father’s Support Group
  • Parenting Preschoolers
  • Journey to Reunification
  • Teens with Special Needs
  • Coffee & Community
  • Meetup Monday

Other Parents Like Me

Other Parents Like Me is a community designed for parents of teens and young adults who struggle with mental health conditions. The support groups are held on Zoom and the conversations are led by the participating members.  If your teen is battling depression, an eating disorder or drug abuse, you can share your experience in a safe space with others facing the same struggles. Their support groups include the following :

  • Men’s support group
  • Newcomers support group
  • Families with Kids in Programs
  • Women’s support group
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The support group page shows the scheduled date and the host of each group. They also have expert-led panel discussions and a resource hub with podcasts, articles, and books to help educate you as you learn to cope.

The Dadditude App

The Dadditude App was made to uplift fathers and create space for them to share the ups and downs of fatherhood. There is no limit to the parenting conversation. The platform is open to dads with newborns, tweens, and teens. You can also find summaries of popular parenting books that tackle fatherhood on the app. The main attraction, however, is the parenting advice offered by researchers, therapists and dads.

City Dads Group

This organization wants to defy the negative stereotypes surrounding fathers; it wants to create a space where men can grow together and hold each other accountable.  This is achieved through education and in-person meetups. The other communities mentioned in this article mainly provide virtual support, while the City Dad Group brings men together for indoor and outdoor activities across North America’s metropolitan areas.

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The organization has been featured on CNN, Good Morning America, GQ, Huffington Post, The New York Times, and Reuters News, to name a few. To learn about this group, start with its website and podcast, then check out a chapter in your area.

Sign up and connect with more than 20,000 members who come together to create a helpful, safe and fun environment for fathers.  

The Single Parent Support Network (SPSN)

Another treasure trove of resources, support, and advice is the Single Parent Support Network. Their goal is to build a community for single parents where they can engage in events and initiatives that aid their personal and professional growth.

Sign up for mentoring and coaching that helps both you and your kids. There are so many great programs to choose from. Take a look:

  • Adopt a Single Parent Family Mentoring Program
  • Divorce Education and Co-Parenting
  • Parenting Restored Classes
  • SPSN Kid’s Club
  • Life Coaching
  • ReStart Program
  • Mom and Sons Leadership Program
  • Support Groups
  • Scholarship Programs for Parents and Children

If you need a mentoring session, a legal clinic, or a co-parenting class, use the resources offered by SPSN.


Parenting is overwhelming. Whether you’re a parent to a newborn or a young adult, proper support is always necessary. The forums and organizations above can provide valuable help in your time of need. If you need support in the form of a sitter, use CallEmmy. We also provide in-home laundry, house cleaning, and home organization. Book a service here.

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