A complete Halloween guide for working moms and dads – 2022

Halloween is only a few days away. So here’s a complete Halloween guide for working moms and dads.

This fun event often turns into a stressful one when you put pressure on yourself to do it perfectly. A perfectly decorated house, perfect costumes, or hosting an amazing party which neither you nor your kids enjoy.

I am here to tell you that you, the working mom and the working dad, can have a fun and memorable Halloween without going broke or ending at the hospital, or both!

Halloween is the kind of thing that fits into the “Live More” category. So put your chores aside and let’s have an amazing time. Here is a complete Halloween guide for all working moms and dads.

1. The decorations

The best decorations for Halloween are fresh pumpkins, fresh flowers, and anything orange. If you have a pumpkin patch near your home, great. If you don’t, find the nearest Trader Joe’s.

You can find a wonderful assortment of pumpkins at Trader Joe’s for very little investment. For example, the gourds are $0.69 – $0.89 each. Buy 10 of them and spread them around in your front yard. Then, they have the regular pumpkins for less than $5 and the more ornate ones in all sizes for less than $8 per item. For less than $30, you can decorate your entire porch, front yard, and even mailbox with beautiful and fresh pumpkins.

From the same store (okay, Trader Joe’s is my favorite), you can buy colorful mums, fall cut flowers, exotic seasonal plants, and the most delicious-smelling Pumpkin candle. Don’t forget their cinnamon mini brooms as a perfect addition to your decoration.

Unless your yard is a city block, to get the decorations from Trader Joe’s, you will spend less than $50. And the reason why this is not a “chore” on your to-do list is that who doesn’t like going to Trader Joe’s. For me, going there is a treat and if I happen to buy something, that is even better.

So, give yourself some me-time by going to Trader Joe’s, shopping for Halloween decorations, and observing all the people who are die-hard fans of this great brand.

2. The costumes

Fortunately (there, I said it), we have a huge supply-chain bottleneck and there is a shortage of Made in China Halloween costumes. In my opinion, that is the best thing that could have happened to this holiday.

So instead of wanting to buy your and your kids’ costumes from Amazon or Alibaba, head to your local thrift store. Most likely, you will find what you are looking for there and even find new inspirations for your Halloween costume and your kids.

Also, try Goodwill. Did you know that the majority of Goodwill sales happen in the month of October because of Halloween? Unless your local Goodwill has been raided, you should be able to find what you are looking for for this Halloween at that store.

Pro-tip: Call the stores before you go and ask them about the item(s) you are looking for. Oftentimes, they can put those items on hold so you don’t have to hunt for them when you go to that store.

Still not having any luck? Make the costumes. Use your imagination and come up with creative DIY Halloween costumes. Here is a site that can give you some ideas.

I have made these costumes from scratch and they were a hit. For myself, I became a “biker chick!” – I sported my black leather jacket from 101 years ago plus a bandana headband and some rough-looking boots and voila, we are in business!

For my son, he once became a robot using a large cardboard box, lots of aluminum foil, and a battery-operated circuit with some flashing lights. He was a big hit at his school that year.

This year, my son will be a superhero with a homemade cape made out of old sheets with computer code written on it and a keyboard made out of cardboard hung around his neck. My son’s superpower is coding.

3. The party

If you ask me, I would say, avoid being a Halloween party host but in case you have already sent the invitations, let’s help you host the very best Halloween party with ease and on budget.

First thing first, book a chore service with Call Emmy! Book us on an hourly basis or select any of the Chore packages. Our Fairies will be right there to help you set up for your party, put things away and get you ready.

They can also help with the takedown and clean up after the party. As for food, instead of the usual and predictable choices, why not do some things that are thematic and fun? Specimen Jars or Eyeball Caprese anyone?

What do you do for Halloween music? Here are the stations that will be fun and clean:

Ask Alexa: Play the Halloween station

Apple Music: Check out this playlist

Spotify: Check out this playlist

You can also play spooky sounds, stories, and games on Alexa Echo. To go further, if your house is completely wired up and smart, you can turn your house into a complete haunted house for your party.

4. The candy

I know this is going to be unpopular but it is what it is! Go to your local grocery store, or Costco and buy a giant bag of candy or two.

Halloween rolls around once a year; let your kiddo have a sugar high and while you are at it, you should splurge too!

Once you have had your chocolate fix, and your kids have too, donate the rest of the candy to a charitable organization.

Final thoughts on Halloween guide for working moms and dads

I took it upon myself to create this Halloween guide for working moms and dads because we want you to enjoy the experience and not have to worry about chores.

The chores can be done by our Fairies, but the memories you make can not be had by anyone else. So let’s have an amazing, spooky, creepy Halloween that is fun for you and your family, doesn’t break the bank, and will trigger nothing but fond memories.

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