Healthy alternatives for everyday life!

Unbeknownst to us, we may be housing items like cleaning supplies, utensils or even some pantry staples which do not do us any favors. In fact, they may even be detrimental to our general well being.

So time to replace them with a healthier alternative. Read on for how you can make the switch for healthier lifestyle. And unsurprisingly, these are even economical in the long run.

Here we list some of the unhealthy products lurking around our home and the healthy alternative to replace it with. 

Fumes produced by candles contain carcinogens according to studies

Scented Candles with essential oil diffuser:

A quick way to lift your spirits is lighting candles. They promise the feeling of getting you transported to a rain forest, or to your favorite pumpkin season (in the middle of summer).
But at what cost? When burning, the fumes produced by paraffin are similar to diesel fumes because they both contain benzene and toluene.
These are well-known carcinogens. Exposure to these carcinogens may result in a variety of health problems.
Essential oil, on the other hand, doesn’t generate smoke and has the natural benefits of aromatherapy.

Non stick pan with iron and stainless steel:

Non-stick pans were originally marketed as good for health, due to less oil usage. But they failed to mention the associated health risks from coating. The coating, composed of polytetrafluoroethylene (source) which is clear plastic coating, disintegrates when heated during cooking. And that can cause a myriad of health problems. Stainless steel and cast iron are much safer and healthy alternatives. Apart from not having the associated health risks, the latter even integrates much needed iron in our body. Not to mention they do not have to be replaced ever so frequently. A like those non-stick pans which peel off after a year or two of usage.

Greek Yogurt makes an excellent healthy alternative for sour cream in salad

Mayonnaise and sour cream with greek yogurt:

That white gooey goodness on your sandwich….it is loaded with calories and fat and is not exactly heart-healthy.
Although mayo still is a pantry staple for emergencies, a good idea is to substitute it with greek yogurt.
Sprinkle some pink salt and it makes a yummy and healthy alternative as a condiment.
Potential health benefits of greek yogurt includes improved bone health, better gut health and boosting metabolism. It also has many trace mineral essential for body functions.
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Scented dish washing liquid with unscented ones:

Washing dishes is a part of everyday chore,. And that makes it absolutely essential to be as toxin free as possible. The washing liquid residue often finds it’s way inside our body through food. Although total elimination is not possible, the least we can do is stay away from the fragrant ones. According to, they can contain up to 3000 chemicals depending on the concoction. So always go for the plain, unscented one, the much healthier alternative. It’s OK if dishes don’t smell like lavender or citrus….your insides will thank you for that.

Replace plastic in your pantry with glass and stainless steel

Plastic jars with glass jars:

Sure plastic jars are super convenient and light…that’s their whole appeal. But then, hello BPA, a chemical which once ingested, mimics estrogen.
Glass jars, on the other hand, do not leach chemicals which seep in food. You can recycle them and thy won’t lose their integrity, unlike plastic. Stainless steel jars are another healthier alternative.
Although it is not possible to have a 100% plastic free kitchen, next time while you declutter, replace those plastic with glass.

Sugar with natural sweeteners:

Although there are commercial sugar alternatives like Nutrasweet and Splenda, it makes more sense to go to nature’s confectionery when satiating that sweet bud. While maple syrup and honey can be used for sweetening juices and non-bakeries (due to high baking temperature), coconut sugar, cinnamon, molasses can be other sweet alternatives.

Coconut oil makes for a great natural moisturizer. And much healthier.

Moisturizers with oil:

Anything we put on our skin is absorbed in the system through pores on the epidermis. So why not use something pure and organic which is not a problem even if ingested!
Oils like coconut oil, sweet almond oil and light ones like jojoba oil, work like charm on most skin types. Add some essential oil for some pleasant aroma as well. Ayurveda has long been propagating benefits of oils and self massage.
So go ahead, soak in some organic cold-pressed oil and revel in beautiful and healthy skin. An added benefit is that the trace amount on your fingers, poses no risk, if swallowed with food.

So go ahead, let the switching begin….for a healthier and happier you.

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