Why Hire a Nanny? 5 Reasons to Consider In-Home Childcare

Modern life comes with so many responsibilities for parents that it can be hard to keep up sometimes. Many parents have to work full-time, on top of juggling trying to hold together a home and a family. While the occasional babysitter for a few hours a week can get some folks through the week, that just doesn’t cut it for others. Because of all this, many are turning to more regular sitting services, and considering whether to hire a nanny.

It goes without saying that the right choice for childcare is personal to your family’s dynamic. Some may have extended family they can tap, others may use a daycare, still, others may regularly hire a neighbourhood sitter or nanny. There are countless childcare services on offer to choose from. However, they all have their pros and cons. For the professional parent always on the go, the regularity and permanence of a nanny might offer more benefits than a temporary sitter or impersonal childcare facility.

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Many Nannies Are Trained and Experienced Care Providers

Like any other job, there are people who specialize in becoming a nanny. Professional nannies take what they do seriously, undergoing training and taking courses to ensure their skills are top-notch. They often either study early childhood development after school or have degrees on the subject. You might even find some who worked as pre-school teachers or daycare workers shifting focus to nanny services.

The fact of the matter is that professional nannies love what they do, and have experience working with different families at different stages of their lives.

When You Hire a Nanny, You Have More Parental Control

When you hire a nanny, you set the rules. Unlike in a daycare environment, nannies are based in your home. As their employer, you set the rules, establish boundaries, and ensure they work according to your standards.

Establishing the right environment for your kids happens at the start of this process. Before even beginning your nanny hunt, outline exactly what you expect from your future employee. You need to be clear on your expectations and requirements.

Once you settle on the final candidates, discuss your expectations with them at the interview. Layout your requirements and give them an opportunity to talk through these with you. Open communication is the first step towards a good partnership between you and your future nanny.

Nannies Can Offer Flexibility

One of the greatest advantages of hiring a nanny is the increased flexibility they offer. While some nannies might prefer a full schedule with just one family, many are flexible, working for more than one family part-time and spreading out their workload.

How often will you need a nanny throughout the week? What hours do you need them to work? Do you need them to cook dinner or handle certain chores?

You might find you only need a nanny during the morning hours, while another family needs regular childcare during the afternoon and evening. Or perhaps you only need to hire a nanny Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, while your neighbor needs help on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Figuring out your specific requirements at the start will help you narrow in on the perfect solution for your nanny needs.

Nannies Are More Convenient

Convenience is key to a successful day. The decision to hire a nanny provides this! The less we need to struggle with unnecessary details, the happier we are—and the more likely we are to make it through the day in one piece.

Packing up for a trip to daycare is no small feat, especially when your children are still babies or toddlers. While the daycare center may have some supplies on hand, many require you to provide sheets, swaddles, sleep sacks, diapers, wipes, creams, changes of clothes, bibs, burp cloths, pacifiers, bottles—and let’s not forget today’s favorite cuddle blankie. Honestly, it can feel like packing for a small move, daily.

Hiring a nanny to provide in-home childcare saves you this trouble! Not to mention the reduced risk of, say, being called away from work to deal with a sick or overly distraught child.

When You Hire a Nanny, They Bond With Your Kids

Kids thrive on stability. This is why, from school to sports to bedtimes, we strive to establish as many routines for our children as possible. When you hire a nanny, you provide even more stability for your kids.

When your child has the chance to interact on a regular basis over an extended period of time with their caregiver, they build a bond with them. The same person coming to their home regularly becomes part of their routine. They begin to rely on this person and see them as part of their safe space.

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