Are You Missing Out on Holiday Events Due to Childcare? Tips for Working Parents in 2023

The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration, but for working parents, it can also bring a unique set of challenges, especially when it comes to childcare. Balancing work commitments, holiday preparations, and family time can be overwhelming. As a working mom myself, I understand the struggle of trying to be everywhere at once. In this blog post, I’ll share valuable tips and holiday childcare solutions to help you manage holiday events without compromising on childcare. Let’s make this holiday season enjoyable for both you and your little ones!

Holiday Childcare Solutions
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1: Planning Ahead

One of the proven ways to have a stress-free holiday season is planning ahead. Start by marking important dates on your calendar – school events, office parties, family gatherings. This visual representation of your schedule helps in identifying potential childcare needs early.

Tip: Ideally, begin planning at least a month in advance. This allows enough time to arrange reliable childcare services and avoids last-minute scrambles. Utilize digital tools like Google Calendar for reminders and coordination with your partner or family members.

2: Utilizing Childcare Services

Childcare services can be a lifesaver during the busy holiday season. Services like ‘Call Emmy‘ offer flexible and reliable solutions for parents. They provide in-home childcare, ensuring your kids are safe and entertained while you attend holiday events.

Tip: When selecting a childcare service, look for trusted professionals, flexible hours, and positive reviews from other parents. Remember, it’s not just about convenience but also the quality of care your child receives.

3: Involving Family and Community

Don’t hesitate to lean on your family and community. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and close friends often love spending extra time with the kids. Additionally, community centers or local churches sometimes host holiday events where childcare is provided.

Tip: Start building a support network by reaching out to family and friends early. Discuss and plan how you can support each other with childcare during the holidays.

4: Balancing Work and Family Time

Balancing work and family time can be particularly challenging during the holidays. Speak with your employer about flexible work arrangements or the possibility of working from home. This can free up time for holiday preparations and family activities.

Holiday Childcare Solutions
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Tip: Approach your employer with a clear plan on how you will manage your work responsibilities while taking advantage of flexible hours.

5: Self-Care for Parents

In the hustle of the holiday season, don’t forget about self-care. Taking even a small amount of time for yourself can rejuvenate your energy and mood. It could be as simple as a 15-minute meditation, a quick walk, or a favorite hobby.

Tip: Identify quick self-care activities that you can integrate into your daily routine. Remember, a happy parent often means happy children.

6: Creative Holiday Childcare Solutions

Be creative with your childcare solutions. Consider organizing a parent co-op, where you and other parents take turns watching each other’s children. Also, look for local holiday camps or workshops for kids, which can be both educational and fun.

Tip: Check your local community centers and libraries for special holiday events that offer specialised holiday childcare solutions or children’s programs.


Navigating the holiday season as a working parent doesn’t have to be stressful. With a bit of planning, using available resources, and seeking support, you can enjoy the festivities and make lasting memories with your family. And if you’re in the Denver, Colorado area, remember ‘Call Emmy‘ is here to help you with customised holiday childcare solutions. We offer a range of services tailored for busy parents, from in-home childcare to house cleaning. Let us take some of the holiday burdens off your shoulders, so you can focus on what truly matters – spending quality time with your loved ones.

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