Why Housekeeping Services Aren’t Just for the Rich and Famous

Housekeeping services are more accessible and affordable than ever. Hire a professional to handle your chores to get back time for what's important.

Running a household is more than a full-time job. It’s often an additional burden to your real job. Prepping meals, raising children, keeping up with appointments—the responsibilities never seem to end. In many homes, parents find themselves short on a very valuable resource: time. Housekeeping services give you some of that time back.

If you just scoffed and thought, “Bah, I’m not a Kardashian,” this one is for you. Though they’re associated with the lifestyles of the rich and famous, housekeeping services are more accessible and affordable than you might think. Hiring a housekeeper will:

  • Leave you with a sparkling home
  • A shorter to-do list
  • A more predictable schedule
  • More precious time for yourself and your family
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Making Time for Family, Work, and Self-Growth

According to a survey by the Cleaning Institute, more than a quarter of participants said they spent at least seven hours a week cleaning their house. That’s one full workday every week on top of all your other responsibilities. That’s a hefty time and energy commitment.

After spending a day at work or caring for children, how much more can you give to that pile of dishes? When you hire housekeeping services, you get an immediate and holistic return on the investment.

Time With Loved Ones

With time back in your pocket, think of everything you can do. For instance, you get time back for your family and friends. You can’t put a price tag on moments with your children or a date night with your partner.

Time for Hobbies

You can also use that time for your personal development. Everyone has that book to read or home improvement project you’ve been putting off. Why not stimulate your brain by filling your free time with creative hobbies? If you’re at a turning point in your career, use that time to focus on a side hustle.

Time for Your Career

Housekeeping services can do wonders for your professional goals. Having chores hanging over your head can be distracting for remote workers and deflating for commuters who come home to a mess. When you can rely on a routine cleaning by your housekeeping fairy, you can work in peace, knowing those chores will be taken care of. Housekeepers are good at their job, giving you time to excel in yours.

Time for Self-Care

Finally, don’t forget about yourself. In this culture that asks so much of you, it can be easy to normalize self-sacrifice. Take that time back for self-care by hiring a housekeeping service. Go to a yoga class, walk outside, and get a full night’s sleep.

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Stay in Control of Your Household Chores

If you don’t mind doing some light tidying but hate scrubbing the shower, a housekeeping service gives you a happy medium. The beauty of hiring a cleaner is you get to set the schedule. Maybe you don’t need them to come every week, but hiring help for a deep clean once a month keeps major chores under control.

That same survey by the Cleaning Institute found most people only do a surface-level job when they clean their homes. While this may suffice for a day or two, it can be frustrating when you notice grime building up between tiles and dust piling up on the fan blades. Housekeeping professionals can handle the more serious scrubbing if you’re committed to keeping the house tidy. A monthly or bi-weekly deep clean will be enough to keep everything in order.

Self-Help Tip: As you clean and organize, perform routine functional checks on your electronics and appliances to make sure everything adheres to safety codes. The Consumer Product Safety Commission published this helpful checklist to make this a straightforward process.

Get Support for Your Daily Routine

There are numerous benefits of having a routine. For example, a planned and predictable schedule can reduce stress and improve productivity. Housekeeping services keep you committed to your routine and can fit in around your other responsibilities. Additionally, the predictability of routine house cleanings gives your schedule structure. When you book a service with a housekeeper, you can plan them.

Nothing gets in the way of a routine like a messy house. The clutter slows you down, and the dust almost imperceptibly clouds your headspace. Give yourself some mental clarity and support your routine by hiring a housekeeping service.

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Give Way for Professional Touch

Proper cleaning takes skill—just deciding on cleaning products poses a challenge. What products are safe to use in the kitchen? What’s the difference between a disinfectant and a sanitizer? How do you get a wine stain out of the carpet? Not to mention the costs. A 2021 statistic shows an average person spent almost $200 on cleaning supplies.

When you hire a housekeeping service, you don’t have to worry about any of that. A housekeeper will bring all the right supplies and the expertise to use them. The professionals who work for housekeeping services are trained in their craft. And if we’re being honest, they’ll clean your home in a fraction of the time it takes you.

You Deserve the Luxury

We get it—whether you’re a working parent or a busy professional, you have a full plate. A housekeeping service can give you time back for the things that matter most.

Don’t feel guilty about calling for support. Cleaning services are for everyone. They’re for families who want the predictability of a schedule and for folks who need last-minute help to prepare for their in-laws’ visit. No matter your reason, housekeeping services will leave your home clean and fresh, and you’ll be left feeling a little less stressed.

Along with cleaning, housekeeping services can include other in-home services like laundry and home organization. Call Emmy makes it easy with a simple app to set your schedule and preferences for your first clean. Take down the dust bunnies without lifting a finger. Connect with your housekeeping fairy today.

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