How to Finish 2020 Strong: By Moms, For Moms!

At DispatchMom, we believe that each mom is strong. Strong enough to have belief in herself…and believe that she has a very important purpose. In 2020, her mettle has been more than proven, and she has come out stronger, more resilient, and with new goals and aspirations.

We invited moms to share how they are spending the last few days of 2020 to make sure they enter the new year with a big bang! So, as everyone gears up to enter into a new year, we asked moms from different walks of life, how they plan to make use of the last few days of the year…. How they plan to #FinishStrong!! And their responses just reinforced our belief that truly…. moms are a force to reckon with!

ZOE: Mom, Entrepreneur, Community, and Events Manager“I am finishing this year with the launch of my first startup – Female Founder Squad! I am a mother to two awesome humans, I work full time as a Community & Events Mgr in a co-working space and I realized this year that I am a proud feminist/technicist! I created FFS to provide a free platform for female founders and womxn working in tech to connect, support, inform and uplift them, their careers, and their startups – whilst seeking an equitable future in tech! I have big plans for 2021, but closing out this year with a satisfying feeling knowing that I have found a new purpose, new energy, and a new mission – to support and uplift female founders and women working in tech!”

Well, Zoe, keep up that pioneering spirit! We moms sure need more of your kind!

TU-HIEN: Mom and CEO
“Spent 3 months strategizing how to reach as many moms for the holiday sale as possible and doubled revenue from 2019 even though this was a pandemic year. Also coming up with new ideas for 2021 to build a bigger and more enhanced mom community”.
We wish you the very best for your business Tu-Hien….keep up that entrepreneur spirit!

MARISSA: Mom, Lawyer“By being intentional and encouraging others”!
Thanks, Marissa, for putting encouraging others as part of your finish strong goal. The world needs more of your kind!

MAKALAH: Momma, Entrepreneur
“I plan to use the resilience that has been brought to the forefront of my mind to serve as the metaphoric energy drink I’ll need to jump into 2021 with the same grit, thankfulness, and humility that has gotten me through 2020. I’ll finish 2020 strong by sitting still in what I have accomplished, giving back to myself a portion of what I’ve given others, and preparing for the next set of dreams and obstacles I’ll take on in 2021”.
Makalah, we love your energy and resilient spirit…all the best for your entrepreneur journey….have an awesome year ahead!

ALIMA: Mom, Business Owner, Firefighter Wife
“It has been a year of struggle, exhaustion, and grief. I ran my photography business, started homeschooling my 1st grader, lost my Dad to COVID, and gained weight. Today, I decided to start working out again- for my mental, physical and emotional well-being, because I need to finish 2020 stronger than I have felt these past 9 months”.
Alima, your story shows how 2020 has been for a lot of moms. We wish you all the strength and happiness, and an awesome year ahead!

NANCY: Mom, Real Estate Agent, Marketing Consultant
“By letting go! Letting go of the negativity, fear, exhaustion, and anger”.
We agree Nancy, letting go of some things in life is the best strategy ever. Good luck on your journey!

CHELLA: Mom. Career coach, Zumba Instructor
“I am devoted to working out every day, in some shape or form. I am a Zumba Instructor and go to lots of other classes. I’m going to do 10-20 pushups every day to finish even stronger”.
Chella, you inspire us to get physically and mentally stronger as well. We love your enthusiasm….keep slaying!

SAMANTHA: Mama, Estate Planning Attorney After, a traumatic birth in 2019 – almost losing my life I started 2020 – what felt like, one of the lowest points of my life mentally. I truly struggled. I felt as if I lost who I was, my hormones were uncontrollable, I was angry at the world, I didn’t understand what happened and truly felt like, “WHY ME!” That’s when my mindset shifted, I started to meditate, take action, and focus on positivity. I thought to myself how can I help others. I didn’t have an estate plan (even as an attorney) and I almost died. I started thinking, if I didn’t have a plan, others like me a working mama trying to make things happen likely don’t have plans either. I transitioned my firm into estate planning, helping families make informed-empowered decisions absolutely protecting their families, keeping them out of court and conflict. During the summer of 2020, I changed my firm name to Law Mom, went full force and I have been helping families across Massachusetts not only protect their loved Ones but actually know what they are doing for their loved ones – making a difference. Having my own law practice Has been amazing, it’s been difficult, emotional; however, I know I am making a difference for others! I even get to have lunch every day with my son! I am finishing 2020 mentally healthier than ever, happier than ever, educating and empowering as many Massachusetts residents as I can!”Samantha, we love that you are ending 2020 on a happier note. Thank you for making a difference in people’s lives….you rock!!

NIKKI: Mom & Entrepreneur
“I’m currently in Cabo with my family living out my purpose and vision! I started 2020 with a totally different view of what the year would be like. I wasn’t clear on my vision or using my voice. I started being more intentional about what I wanted and asking for it and learning how to receive my value and abundance. We purchased two more homes in two different countries, paid off our home in Denver, and the best part of all is I had massive healing with my family! I have helped and will continue to inspire other people to do the same the rest of this year and far beyond next year”.
The world sure needs more inspiring she-roes like you, Nikki!

NICOLE: Mom, Bravery Coach
“I’m entering into 2021 with a strong back and an open front. And the practice to keep it alive and deepen throughout 2021 and beyond. I’m entering 2021 with even more truth. Even more rest. Even more practice. Even more connection. 2021 is the year of joyful adventure”!
We wish the new year is full of fun and new adventures for you Nicole!!

STEPHANIE: Mom, Entrepreneur
“Making sure I thank the people that helped me succeed in 2020. It was a tough year and I am so grateful for the people in my personal and professional circles who encourage and cheer me on”!
Wish you all the success and good luck in the new year Stephanie, thankful spirits like you deserve it!

PAMELA: Mom Estate Planning Attorney”I began 2020 with the happy news I was pregnant with my first child and my newly launched law firm was hitting its stride. Then COVID hit. I had more questions than answers. How would I support my family during a pandemic, without paid maternity leave? Will my husband be able to be at the birth with me? What happens if I get covid while pregnant? I have been quarantined since February. Luckily, I leaned on the support of mentors and friends and decided to go all in. I launched the Working Moms Podcast and started creating a community online. My law firm, Law Mother, has continued to serve families during this pandemic virtually. I am ending 2020 strong with connection and community.
Sounds awesome Pamela! Enjoy motherhood and best wishes for your law practice!

AMELIA: Mom, strategic energy management
“Go to our cabin for New Year’s eve and go Cross Country Skiing”.
Woohoo! Sounds like an exciting way to end the year…have fun, Amelia!

CLAIRE: Mom, Attorney
“By being grateful for all that I have and all I’ve overcome. I am spending the last few weeks of 2020 recommitting to loving myself and putting together a plan for self-care moving forward”.We love it, Claire, that you consciously chose self-care andloving yourself as part of finishing strong! Kudos and best of luck!!

How do you plan to finish 2020 strong….let us know in the comments below! Need some pointers…? Read our Road map to finish 2020 strong!

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