When We Needed Help, We Called Emmy

I was a full-time executive and the mother of a young son when I realized I needed help managing my household. I went online and sorted through hundreds of candidate profiles looking for someone to help. Background checks and subscription fees cost me thousands, and I still ended up firing a dozen new hires for being unreliable.


Then I met Emmy. Reliable, compassionate, and kind, Emmy was truly special and made everything possible for me and my family. We relied on her so much that when she left, my life went to Hell. I was once again torn between professional obligations and family life. I was angry, burned out, and taking my stress out on my family. And while I had loved Emmy, I absolutely despised what it took to find her. I wasn’t sure I could do it again. And I was not alone.  Almost everyone I knew struggled to find consistently reliable childcare and household help when they needed it. As a mom and female executive with immigrant grit, I knew I had what it took to build the solution, because everyone could use an Emmy.


Putting the Pieces Together

The idea for Call Emmy didn’t hit me all at once, but revealed itself one piece at a time, like a dirty house being slowly decluttered and restored to its spotless glory. The fundamental challenge was not just about connecting busy families with service providers - it was about creating an environment of TRUST and ACCESSIBILITY where parents could access the help they needed without scouring a dozen different apps.

My logical brain took the problem and ran with it. I have a BS and MS in engineering and was an executive with HP before transitioning into CPG and startups. Each piece of my background came into play as I developed this idea.

The first iteration - called DispatchMom - was a simple front-end mobile app where customers could place their orders for different services. On the backend was me, a cell phone, and a contact list. It was primitive, but it worked, and we had revenue from day one.

Trust is a Launching Pad

Primarily focused on house cleaning, DispatchMom grew quickly. I assembled a small team and, within six months, rebranded in honor of Emmy. The new Call Emmy grew to over $100K in less than 9 months. We built our supply first, amassing an incredible group of service providers who came to be known as our helper “Fairies.” The demand was already there.

People in my network began reaching out with urgent needs for cleaning, child care, and errands. We dedicated ourselves to delivering 100% satisfaction because in the incredibly personal business of childcare and house services, trust comes first. Early on, if a Fairy had to cancel at the last minute, I personally stepped in to provide the service.

In high demand, prospective Fairies found their way to Call Emmy, too. As the beating heart of our business, our Fairies take home 70% of what the customer is charged, they get paid even if a job cancels, and they get to expand their earning potential by building their experience on the job - because Call Emmy is about their quality of life, too.

Call Emmy for Business (2)

Can Trust Truly Scale?

Because trust is paramount, we get to know every single one of our Fairies on a personal level.  As we expand beyond the Denver metro area into US cities like Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas,  and Seattle, we’re also scaling up our ability to build trust in a process that is both cultural and procedural. We understand our customers better than anyone else. And what they need - beyond vacuuming or a carpool to soccer practice - is peace of mind. So, in addition to extremely comprehensive background checks, we require Fairies to pass psychometric analysis that tests for sound judgment, too.

By Women, For Families

I’ve been an outspoken defender of women my entire career. I’ve built enterprise Women in Leadership groups that got their own charter, mission, and funding. I never hesitate to speak up for equity even when doing so takes a toll. But all of the marginalization and demoralization only strengthens my resolve. I believe more than ever that no mom should have to choose between career and family, which is why we're expanding Call Emmy into the Benefits space, so companies can support their employees who are also parents.


When Duty Calls, Call Emmy

Millennials and Gen Z  grew up with takeout, groceries, and a ride to work at the touch of a button. These generations now make up the lion's share of working parents. As employees, they expect benefits that make their lives easier. With Call Emmy, they can engage with household support services the same way they order Thai food after a busy week. As a household name, Call Emmy is the burnout-prevention tool that employers rely on to support their people as they bring their best selves at work and at home. 

Whether a family is grappling with 3-sport schedules or a mountain of dust bunnies, Call Emmy is the sanity-saving solution. 

Take on the future of work with us.

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