Call Emmy launches Invite a Fairy and Sparkle Program

We, at Call Emmy, are excited to announce the launch of our referral program – Invite a Fairy and Sparkle Program.

We love our service providers. We call them “Fairies” because they are magical. They go inside the home of busy families and professionals, and they turn chaos into harmony, disorder into joy, and desperation into hope.

Our customers also love them, and they shower us with such good feedback about our Fairies. Unlike many double-sided technology marketplaces, our commitment towards our Fairies is more than just connecting them with the demand.

We are committed to their wellbeing in all senses of the word. We are committed to professional growth, personal development, and their family’s well-being. And we do what we can to show them that we appreciate their commitment to us as a brand and to our customers.

Invite A Fairy And Sparkle Program

What’s the purpose of this program?

We have developed a new program to reward our Fairies and bring more Fairies into the Call Emmy platform. We lovingly call it Invite a Fairy and Sparkle.

With this program, when one of our Fairies invites another into the Call Emmy platform, and the invited Fairy (after going through our rigorous process of vetting and qualification) finishes three jobs successfully, the original (referrer) Fairy will get a sparkling $50 bonus.

We have learned that our very best Fairies have been recommended by one of our existing and fabulous Fairies. We love that our Fairies want to share the sparkle! Sharing the sparkle means that we are doing what we set out to do when we launched the company.

We aimed to help busy families overcome the overwhelm. We also pledged to support local and under-represented service providers to do their magic and gain access to opportunities.

How does Invite a Fairy and Sparkle Program work?

So, we are asking YOU, amazing Call Emmy Fairy, to share the sparkle.

If you know and TRUST a person obsessed with cleaning and organization and equally obsessed with giving busy families a helping hand, we want them to be introduced to us.

The process is simple: they go to the “Become a Service Provider (Fairy) page” and fill out a quick application. Then, we contact them to do an interview followed by a background check.

Once everything is clear and checked out, we start an onboarding process, and viola, they are in!

After their third successful job, we send you a $50 sparkle in the form of cash. You can learn more about the Invite a Fairy and Sparkle program here

And, did you know that we have a Facebook group just for you fantastic Fairies? Join the group, and let’s keep the sparkle going.