Kick-Off Your Day With These 5 Podcasts

Whitney, Christine, and Celine are great when reenacting American Idol in front of your mirror. Nothing like an endorphin boost while realizing your potential of becoming the next Beyonce is slim to none…

Alternatively, we can always get down with a new podcast to inspire a little early morning determination. They say you’re the totality of the five people you spend the most time with. When you can’t get Rebecca Jarvis to join you at cocktail hour, opt in to these 5 podcasters, discussing the latest on workplace dynamics, making a name for yourself, and everything in between.

No Limits with Rebecca Jarvis: Have a dream but don’t know where to begin? Looking for wisdom from women who have already “been there?” Whether you’re looking for answers or just want to hear a good story, this is the podcast for you.

Happier with Gretchin Rubin: One of the most influential and thoughtful and influential voices on the subject of happiness, habits and human nature, Gretchin is also the author of several NYT best-selling books.

Working Parent Resource Podcast: This podcast explores the complexities of working parenthood in modern life through personal stories, expert interviews, and practical application of research and advice.

Beyond Burnout: Dr. Tracey Marks provides short snippets of valuable information through both her podcast and youtube channel.

Woman at Work: Amy Gallo is the author of the HBR guide to dealing with conflict and a contributing editor to the Harvard Business Review. Learn about workplace dynamics, communication, feedback and emotional intelligence in her weekly series.

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