Group Child Sitting for the Mack Annual Event

FAQ About the Mack Annual Event Childcare

What are the age groups for the children that can be enrolled?
We welcome all children from 30 months and up.

Who are the sitters?
Our sitters come from all walks of life. Teachers, stay-at-home moms, paraprofessionals, and more: they all have been fully vetted, qualified, and approved to be sitters on the Call Emmy platform.

Is Call Emmy a licensed daycare/childcare provider?

No!  Call Emmy is a care-connecting platform that parents trust.  We connect supply (the sitters) with demand (the bookers) but we also curate the experience for parents, children, and the sitters at events to make sure everyone is safe, happy, and satisfied.  We *always* maintain a very safe ratio of sitters to children; well beyond state requirements.  What makes us unique?  The safety and quality of our sitters.  Call Emmy conducts the gold standard of background checks and no one comes close to the level of rigor we adhere to.

How are the sitters vetted?
We are glad you asked. We have an absolutely robust and comprehensive qualification program. It includes a County Criminal Check (for as many counties as they have ever lived in) an Identity Verification Check, a National Criminal Check, a Sex Offender Check, a Social Security Trace, a Psychometric Analysis, a Childcare Safety Skill Check, and lastly, a Manual Profile Approval.  Did you know, that only 60% of the providers who apply to be on our platform pass our checks?  Yep!  Roughly 40% of providers have issues in their backgrounds that make the unsuitable to be on our platform.  Think about that next time someone recommends a sitter to you!

Where will the children be cared for?
Children will be at the Mackintosh Academy Littleton.

What are the times for the childcare program?
The program starts at 5:45 PM and will end at 9:45 PM.  Late arrivals will be charged $10 in 15-minute increments.

Are the sitters vaccinated?
All sitters have been vaccinated against COVID-19. They also have a current flu shot.

What is the cost of the program?
When registered before April 1st, the enrollment cost is $40 per child. After April 12th, the cost would be $60 per child.

Is dinner included?
Mackintosh Parents Council has generously agreed to serve pizza for dinner.  However, if you choose to pack your child's dinner, our sitters will be more than happy to ensure that your child(ren) is(are) fed their dinner.

What is the cancellation policy?
We offer a 100% refund before April 5th, a 50% refund before April 15th, and no refund after April 15th, 2024.

Do you care for sick children at the event?  
Unfortunately, we are unable to care for sick children at the event. However, many of our sitters are comfortable providing private care for a child who isn't feeling well on a child-by-child basis.  You can book via our app for private care of a sick child.

What do I need to bring?
Anything unique to your child such as water bottles, and stuffed animals.

What kinds of activities will children be engaged in? 
Children will be involved in a variety of engaging activities including arts and crafts, games, storytime, dancing, and more.

Would private childcare be an option?
Absolutely. You can book private childcare on our Call Emmy platform.  Simply download Call Emmy from the App Store or Google Play, set up an account, and book private childcare for the days and times that are convenient.  Use the code MACK2024 to get a 10% discount.

I have more questions. How do I get in touch with Call Emmy? 
You may reach out to us via email at or call or text us at (303)276-5752.