Best Face Masks for Kids Ages 2-5 and Where To Find Them?

Masks aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and that’s especially true for children. With school and daycare underway, it’s more crucial now than ever to find the best face masks for kids ages 2-5 to prevent the spread of the virus and stay healthy. 

With Omicron raging on, the CDC updated guidance regarding the best masks to use for everyone. N95 and KN95 are the new recommendations for protection and are eligible to be purchased from specific retailers. However, these masks are too large for kids under five. The biggest question we parents have is, what are the best masks for kids ages two to five years old? 

Even though kids this young can’t use the N95 and KN95 masks, there are still various masks to help protect our kids. I will discuss these options, where to find them, and how to help your kids wear their masks when indoors or when they can’t social distance.

Masks For Kids Ages 2-5

Best Face Masks for Kids Ages 2-5 

1. KF80

KF80 - Best Face Masks For Kids Ages 2-5
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These masks originated in Korea and stand for “Korea Filter.” The “80” in these masks means the filtration is 80% greater against airborne particles. These are great masks for kids ages 2-5 as they are available in their sizes and provide excellent protection against COVID-19 and its variants. The CoCo Mong KF80 mask is adjustable and comes in sizes XXSmall-Toddler. Even better? You can get a pack of five instead of just having to buy one. Since kids these young love designs or little characters on them, the CoCo Mong KF80 mask has monkeys to still be fun for the kids. 

2. KF94

KF94 - Best Face Masks For Toddlers
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This mask is similar to the KF80 but provides more than 94% filtration against particles. The CoCo Mong KF94 mask is small, has designs on them, and comes in a pack of five. The CoCo Mong KF94 adjustable mask ranges in sizes XXSmall-Toddler and has monkeys and cars on them for a fun design. 

3. KN95

KF95 - Face Masks For Kids

As I mentioned in my previous article, this mask is mainly made for older kids and adults. However, WellBefore has a KN95 mask that is the perfect size for your little ones. You can get them in x-small for ages 2-4 or small for ages 5-8. These masks also come with a choice of color, so your kids can pick which one they like the most. 

The KF80 and KF94 come in the boat shape, meaning it has an extra layer of coverage over the mask. The KN95 mask can either be the standard design option, meaning it’s just the regular mask, or you can choose the boat version to add that extra protection. 

If you or someone you know has kids with special needs such as weakened immune systems or autoimmune diseases, these masks will provide the best protection. If kids can’t wear these masks due to health issues such as breathing problems, be sure to talk with your pediatrician about the best mask options. Present these mask types to see if they will work for the condition your kids may have to ensure they’re safe and healthy. 

Where to Find the Best Masks for Kids Ages 2-5?

Looking for masks for kids this young is a challenge. I know I have this issue with my four-year-old because she has a small face and needs to pick one with fun designs. Luckily, some retailers understand kids these ages need smaller sizes, provide the same protection as the adult versions, and include options that kids will love. 

Be Healthy provides a variety of KF94 masks in sizes and designs. They come in packs ranging from ten to 150 pieces in a package. WellBefore offers the KN95 mask, with the KF94 option available, in sizes meant for kids ages 2-5 and provides the choices of different colors. Kollecte is a great site that provides KF80 and KF94 masks aimed explicitly at smaller sizes and includes fun designs for kids. Any of these retailers will allow you to pick the perfect size and let your kids pick the mask design or color they love. 

How to Get Your Kids to Keep Wearing Their Masks?

Even after this time, my four-year-old still struggles to keep her mask on and asks why she needs to wear them. It can be hard to explain why masks are so important and how they protect themselves and others when it comes to kids under five. The best way to describe this is in their “language.” Use words they know, talk about how they don’t like it when they’re sick, and the mask help keep them healthy so they can play. Speaking like this can help your kids understand the meaning behind the masks. 

Since they may still not understand the whole meaning behind masks, letting them pick the color or design of their mask will let them feel in charge. When my youngest doesn’t like a shirt or an outfit, I provide multiple options of clothes I know will keep her warm but let her pick. This way, she is still warm, but she chooses her outfit and has no issues. The masks are the same way. Before you order one of the masks mentioned, let your kids look at the different colors and designs and let them choose. They will be protected and want to show their fun, new masks to their friends at school!  

One other way I found helps my four-year-old keep her mask on is to see me wear it when I leave the house. Kids this young mimic almost everything they see, so I show her I wear it when running errands. If your kids are only in daycare or preschool a few times a week and struggle to keep it on, start bringing them on one errand run a week to get used to wearing the mask. They will see others wear it and start getting used to leaving it on indoors. 

Closing Thoughts on the Best Masks for Kids Ages 2-5

As a parent to a young one myself, I understand how frustrating it can be to help your kids keep their masks on and find the best mask for the most significant protection. With Omicron infection spreading and new mask guidance from the CDC, we must buy the best masks to protect our kids while in school, daycare, and other indoor activities. 

I have included links to the retailers providing the KF80, KF94, and KN95 masks for kids ages 2-5. Finding a mask your kids will choose and knowing they are protected to the greatest extent is a win-win. If you’ve recently purchased one of these masks, we’d love to hear your experience and help inform others.

If you’re unsure about these masks and would like more information, leave your questions below to see how we can help. As always, please talk with your kids’ pediatrician to find the best mask that works for your kids and ensure they’re safe and healthy.

Lastly, if you need any help with your household chores or babysitting your kids, Call Emmy is always here to help you.

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