Mother’s Day Gifts from New Moms to Grandmoms

Finding the right gift is always a challenge and Mother’s Day is no exception. To help you narrow in on the right Mother’s Day gift, we created a list of simple and luxurious gifts for new moms, moms-to-be and grandmothers. Find the gift that speaks to the mother in your life below.

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Classic Mother’s Day Gifts

Mejuri jewelry

This is for moms who love jewelry. Mejuri is a well-known brand that offers fine jewelry made from gold, silver and brass. Get a pair of gold earrings or a linked two-tone necklace. If you’d prefer to buy a ring, their pearl and diamond stacker ring is one of their most loved items. Take a look at the site and find the piece you want to gift for Mother’s Day.

Oil Diffuser

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When paired with calming eucalyptus or lavender, oil diffusers let moms take a step back and breathe. Oil diffusers are easy to find at Amazon or Target. Head over and choose the diffuser design and the oils to go with it.

White ceramic diffuser

Reed Diffuser Set            

Perfume Sets (Etat Libre d’Orange / Kilian discovery set)

Gifting perfume is always a tricky business. The scent you choose may not work for the giftee leaving them stuck with a giant bottle of perfume they never wanted. Instead of committing to one full-sized bottle, select a few vials for a perfume discovery set.

Kilian is a brand that offers boozy and sweet scents. You can choose five options for the set. This world-renowned perfume will certainly be a welcomed gift.

Etat Libre d’Orange is another popular perfume house and it provides an extensive sample set collection. With the purchase of a discovery set, you get a discount on a full-sized bottle of perfume.

Gua Sha Kit

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A Gua Sha is a smooth flat tool perfect for face massage. Kits come with the Gua Sha tool, a face roller, and face oil. It’s a great Mother’s Day gift. They are easily available on Amazon. Here are some options:

3-piece Gua Sha kit

Facial Massage Tool kit

For the New Mom or Mom-to-Be

Lululemon Baby Bag

This trendy bag has been spotted at doctor’s offices and daycares around the country. Designed for casual wear, the Lululemon baby bag has water-repellant fabric that resists the spills and messes that come with being a new mom. It also comes with a removable pouch that can be worn as a cross-body bag and clips suitable for stroller attachment.

Cleaning Service or Babysitting Service

New mothers shouldn’t be concerned about keeping a house clean. Working and raising kids is overwhelming enough. Give new moms a break with Call Emmy. Our sitters will be there on those overwhelming days. We also offer cleaning services and home organization services. If you know a new mother who needs a break from those household chores. Book a service with us.

High Waisted leggings

Soon-to-be mothers need comfortable legwear so get them some high-waisted leggings. They cover the baby bump and make it just a bit easier for new moms to move around. They are an easy find on Amazon. Here are a few :

Maternity leggings with pockets

Maternity Biker Shorts

Baby Keepsake Kits

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Baby keepsake kits provide moms with all they need to document baby’s first laugh, first words and first steps. The milestone kits usually come with milestone blocks or stickers, milestone blankets and stuffed toys. Some kits even have hand and foot imprint kits so mothers can mark their baby’s little handprints.

Baby Keepsake Box

Wooden Baby Keepsake box

Meal Delivery Service

Constant food prep isn’t for everyone much less tired moms with newborns. Gift busy moms with a meal delivery service right when they need it most. The first step is choosing the right meal service. The best meal services are  Hello Fresh, Every Chef, factor and Home Chef.  Home Chef has a plan that offers 18 free meals, free dessert and free shipping on the first box. They offer oven-ready and no-prep options. Think about the time you can save a busy mom with a plan like that!

For Grandmom

Spa Set

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Picture this: you’re lounging at home on a rainy day with a comfortable robe and a hot cup of coffee or tea. If you like that idea, Grandma will love it. Spa sets deliver that snug feeling with bath bombs, lotion, comfy robes and soft house slippers.  Who doesn’t love a pair of cozy slippers? Some sets even include eye masks and candles. It’s the Mother’s Day gift for homebodies. Take the spa to Grandma’s house this Mother’s Day.

Lavender themed Spa set

Robe and slipper set

Sunbeam Heated Blanket

Comforting and warm, heated blankets make light work of cold, sleepless nights. They are one of those practical, long-lasting gifts anyone would be grateful to have.

Royal Ultra Sunbeam Blanket

Sunbeam Personal Throw Blanket

Mirakel Shiatsu Neck Massager

Help ease those aches and pains with a top-rated neck massager. The Mirakel Shiatsu neck massager was rated as one of the best neck massagers in 2023 by Forbes and Best Buyer Guide. It’s a heated massager with eight nodes that gently remove neck pain.

The Mirakel Shiatsu Neck Massager

Shiatsu Foot Massager

Another top pick by Forbes and a great pick for grandmoms is the Shiatsu foot massager. The recommended massager is fitted with vibration, rolling and compression settings. With the click of a button, the massager melts away foot pain. As Mother’s Day gifts go this is a guaranteed winner.

Shiastu Foot Massager


Give the gift of Call Emmy this Mother’s Day. Our vetted sitters are on call waiting to offer the help you need. We offer a range of services designed for busy parents, from in-home childcare to house cleaning. We’ll take the stress away so your family can enjoy Mother’s Day your way. Book a service here.

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