New Year, New Space: Embracing Decluttering in 2024

It’s a new year and we all know what that means…making those resolutions to do things differently than in years past. And despite our best of intentions, research shows only 9% of Americans will actually succeed at whatever resolutions they make. 

Yeah, 9%.


Because the reality is unless any of us are truly feeling the need to change our ways we will fail at following through. 

Decluttering Tips
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So just because it is a new year it may not be enough motivation for you to start pulling everything out of every closet, cabinet and drawer and it really is ok. I tell our clients all the time that until the time is right, all attempts at decluttering and organizing will not work. I see the look of panic on some clients faces during our initial consults when I start to explain the process we will have to go through and know there is no way they are going to embrace the process now or possibly ever.

It is not my job to force anyone to get rid of anything to create the clearing I think is needed. It’s their home and if they want to live with barely a goat path throughout, who am I to judge? Hoarding is probably the only thing resistant clients have control of in their lives…yes, control…because that is exactly what the issue is for them. Everything else in their lives may be swirling around them out of control, but the contents of their home? That is ALWAYS their choice.

But if you are ready to tackle the clutter in your home here are my top 3 decluttering tips and suggestions for getting started right after the holidays.

1. Schedule the time to declutter

Like anything else in your life that you know needs to get done, you need to actually make the time for it. No one really wants to spend a beautiful day off indoors and unless you have the weird organizing gene I seem to have been born with, you haven’t developed the habits that I have for maintaining and containing my home. I recommend to clients that they not only put the date on their calendar but also “invite” others to hold them accountable to the date whether they are being recruited to help or not. I send reminders to clients all the time and if I get any pushback I obviously advise them to immediately schedule a new date.

2. Tackle the “temporary” stuff first

This applies especially to holiday decor if you have never established good storage systems for all of those items. We had a client that hired us at the beginning of 2023 to go through the copious amounts of holiday decor she had not only collected throughout her life but also all of the decor she inherited from her family through the years. When I say it looked like someone had vomited Christmas all over every inch of her house I don’t mean to insult her in any way. It just is the only way I can describe how much stuff she had. We ultimately spent about two weeks sorting into categories, donating what she determined she was ready to let go of and then developing much better storage systems for her to quickly and easily find things and know where to put it all back. 

Another “temporary” category we tackle a lot is gear for certain outdoor activities. Colorado is a mecca for these items and while we definitely enjoy all that this beautiful state has to offer, we do have to take ownership and responsibility for the various things we want to do on any given day.

3. Get rid of the “guilt” stuff

We’ve all received those strange gifts that we feel guilty giving away because of the person that gave it to us. But nowhere is it written that says we have to keep something that serves no purpose in our lives. Just because someone else assumed it would be useful or admired doesn’t mean we have to be burdened with it the rest of our lives. Let that stuff go…seriously…and if the gifter ever asks where it is be honest. I know it is hard to tell someone you didn’t like the actual item but remind them that doesn’t mean you didn’t appreciate the gesture nevertheless.

Sounds like those top-notch but unheard decluttering tips right?

This is by no means a complete list but hopefully, it will get you started. If you do get stuck, though, feel free to reach out to us by clicking HERE and we will be happy to schedule a FREE 30-minute virtual consult for more tips and suggestions.

Best of luck!
Beth Blacker
Chief of Chaos to Calm
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