Your Guide to Booking a New Year’s Eve Babysitter

Let’s be honest: the last two years have been rough. This New Year’s Eve represents a chance to say goodbye to some of the more challenging moments of 2021 and 2022 and welcome a fresh start. However, a New Year’s Eve babysitter is hard to find. Adults across the world not only look forward to ringing in the new year but also get excited at the prospect of a child-free night on the town! You’ll be sitting pretty by getting ahead of all those other parents and booking your childcare for the night well in advance.

New Year Eve Babysitter

Holiday Childcare Can Be Hard to Come By—Plan Ahead as Early as Possible!

Booking your New Year’s Eve babysitter early is critical, as the last three months of the year are generally some of the busiest. People have been known to start looking for childcare as far out as September or October so they can lock in a good sitter—months in advance. By the time the end of the year rolls around, all the best babysitters seem to be well booked up for the whole season. No one wants to get stuck with an unvetted or unscreened sitter!

Another important point to factor in is cost. Babysitters are generally more expensive during the New Year’s holiday, so you should consider the potential rate increase in your childcare budget. Shopping around early can sometimes score you a cheaper rate, too!

And while it might seem excessive, you may want to also consider a backup sitter. You never know what could happen between the time you book and your big night out. If for some reason your first pick cancels at the last minute, you don’t want to be left high and dry. Booking a backup sitter may be worth the time, effort, and cost, as it will ensure you get to have your big night out.

When starting your search it makes sense to look close to home first. If you have a regular sitter, reach out and see if they’ll be around. You can also ask friends for recommendations if you trust their vetting and judgment.

Or you can turn to a babysitting app. Services like Call Emmy provide an extensive network of babysitters and nannies, who are all thoroughly vetted in advance. This ensures the sitter you hire is properly trained in the basics (like CPR and first aid), and your kids will receive the best possible care.

Discuss Appropriate New Year’s Eve Rates With Your Babysitter

Considering the limited number of babysitters, you can expect childcare rates to generally increase for the entire holiday season. When assessing the cost of hiring a New Year’s Eve babysitter, you should estimate a rate of time and a half or even double time. New Year’s Eve is a big holiday, which means demand is high!

In other sectors, employees who work over the holidays usually get paid time and a half. It makes sense that babysitters earn comparative wages. Trying to negotiate a lower rate is entirely up to you but it might not be well-received and could force you to start your search all over again.

Other factors affecting the price include: the number of kids your babysitter has to watch, the amount of time you will require their services, and what you expect them to do. Some families like the idea of their kids having a celebration of their own and may expect their sitters to plan activities for the evening and keep the kids up and entertained till midnight. This could significantly bump up the cost of childcare.

Make sure you work through all these considerations before starting your search. Good communication with your sitter eliminates any confusion and keeps everyone on the same page. Your sitter will know what is expected and be able to bill accordingly.

Plan New Year Activities for Your Babysitter to Do With the Kids

As already mentioned, some families enjoy involving their kids in New Year’s Eve festivities. Consider having a family pre-toast with the kids before you head out for the night! Alternatively, if you know your kids will likely still be up when the new year rolls in, leave some nonalcoholic sparkling grape juice with the sitter for a midnight toast of their own.

While you’re at it, why not arrange a full New Year’s Eve children’s party? Let your kids invite some friends for a sleepover. This will also probably be well-received by other parents, as it eliminates their own need for a sitter hunt! You can all split the cost of one sitter instead.

Whatever arrangements you choose to make, be sure to explain the significance of the night to your kids. Discuss the importance of setting goals and encourage them to think about some resolutions they want to achieve in 2023. You can create a goals chart in your home and let them decorate it and fill it out with their New Year’s resolutions during the evening. This is something you can display in your home throughout the new year to encourage them to keep working towards their goals.

Let your New Year’s Eve babysitter know what plans you have for your kids. Be open about how you want this to be a special event for them too. Your sitter will appreciate the clarity and may even go the extra mile to make sure their night is super-special.

Book Your New Year’s Eve Babysitter With Call Emmy

Parents are already busy during the holiday season and looking for a last-minute babysitter adds unnecessary extra stress. You want to make sure your kids are well cared for so you can enjoy some grown-ups only time! Thankfully, with a bit of planning and the help of a resourceful babysitter-booking app, you can power through to 2023 in one piece.

Call Emmy gets how end-of-year pressures can build up, which is why the app is designed for the parent on the go. You can book sitters last-minute or well in advance, and for one-time or recurring engagements. Because the Call Emmy network of vetted childcare professionals covers most metro US areas, you’re sure to find the perfect sitter! The app also makes it easy to filter by zip code, preferences, and other requirements. Start your planning from now—sign up for Call Emmy today!

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