One Step Closer to the Vision: A New Chapter for Call Emmy

Today, I am humbled, honored, and beyond excited to announce that Call Emmy has acquired Nanno, the nationally trusted app for finding and booking a babysitter on demand. With this acquisition, Call Emmy will expand its offerings to Nanno's national audience and reinforce its core mission to help parents anywhere, anytime, with anything they need.


This is the story of two driven, ambitious mom entrepreneurs coming together to amplify their mission of helping time-starved parents overcome the overwhelm of modern parenting and thrive.


One of the first blogs we wrote was about Liz Polizzi, the founder of Nanno. I have known Liz since 2016 and have always been blown away by her intellect and drive. Liz has been a source of inspiration, tough love, and wisdom for me since I began my entrepreneurship journey in the Parent-Tech industry. In 2020, we did a very successful talk at the Denver Startup Week about the importance of execution in entrepreneurship.


Liz led her team at Nanno to develop a truly world-class technology that has helped thousands of parents and caretakers across the United States navigate the childcare crisis before and especially during the pandemic years. From booking to confirmation, parents could get matched with a fully vetted and qualified childcare provider in seconds. 


On the other hand, Call Emmy lacked robust technology, which we compensated for via superb customer experience. If you have been a customer of Call Emmy, you probably have heard our sincere explanations about our app's shortcomings. 


Last year, Liz and I began a dialogue about amplifying our impact. Both of us felt the urge to accelerate our mission of alleviating parents from the overwhelm of pandemic parenting. Eight months later, we arrived at an agreement for Call Emmy to acquire Nanno.


With the acquisition, Call Emmy will roll out Nanno's revolutionary progressive web app (PWA) technology, enabling us to offer a unique cross-platform user experience for parents and service providers.


Liz has joined my team as our Chief Product Officer and acting CTO. She also continues her role as a strategic advisor to the company. Over the past several months, Liz has relentlessly and diligently led the integration of Nanno's PWA technology with Call Emmy household services. Today, we are ecstatic to announce the deployment of this technology to all of our customers.


The new app (mobile and desktop) has many amazing features and benefits. Here are just a few examples of how you will enjoy an improved experience:

  • You are in control of your bookings and your schedule - No longer do you need to get a hold of our Customer Service line when you need to change your booking schedule or revise your payment method. This is all now at your fingertips with just a few simple clicks. Of course, we are always here if you need any help.
  • You can now chat/message directly with your Fairy.
  • You can have shortlists that have your favorite Fairies. Moreover, you can choose to send your booking request to your curated shortlist or every Fairy on our platform for any future bookings.
  • You can leave a review for your Fairy and read other Fairies' reviews.
  • Virtual Emmy - With Virtual Emmy, we can help you with those "digital" tasks that are important to you and take a long time. Whether you need to find excellent locations for your child's birthday party, get your oil changed, or find the best handyman in town, we've got you covered.
  • Party Help - Summer is upon us, and so are parties. We are here to help you with set up, help during the party, and clean up so you can enjoy your time as the host.
  • And many more!


You can download the Call Emmy mobile app and/or simply go to, set up an account (or log into your existing account), and give us a try. I have no doubt that you will be very pleased.


We will remain committed to your positive experience, so please know that our Customer Service phone and text lines will continue to operate. Our amazing and dedicated team, Linda, Aspen, Pierre, Hannah, and Franz, will continue to help you with any questions, especially as you familiarize yourself with your account and our new technology.


I know this blog is completely non-SEO-approved. To be honest, SEO isn't my concern for this blog post. My goal for this story is to reveal the magic born out of intense commitment toward a shared vision and powerful camaraderie. 


Lastly, to my friend and mentor, Liz: Words can not possibly describe my gratitude and appreciation for your support, commitment, and trust. Now that our two companies are one, overwhelmed parents from all walks of life have a chance to thrive because they no longer have to feel the overwhelm of doing it all by themselves. They can simply Call Emmy.



  1. Beth Blacker on May 5, 2022 at 5:36 am

    I am sooooooooooooooooooo happy for you and proud of you Arezou! I’ve been one of your biggest fans since the first time we met while you were still part of Bold Betties and have enjoyed following your Call Emmy journey and collaborating at times, sharing as many of my It’s Just Stuff clients as possible.
    Here’s to continued success…you go girl!!!

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