Planning An Event: What Do Your Childcare Solutions Look Like, and Are You Planning For Success?

Parents rely on childcare solutions to attend events at all, much less enjoy them. Set them up for success with these event childcare tips.

Planning an event requires meticulous coordination and childcare solutions fall at the top of that list. We get it. You’re spread thin juggling travel arrangements, venues, and nuanced itineraries—organizing childcare can seem like the straw that breaks the camel’s back. You’re not alone. The demand for childcare support at events is growing. Whether you’re planning a wedding or a work conference, offering childcare to guests will increase attendance.

Since pandemic restrictions are loosening, parties, family reunions, conferences, and corporate events are back on the calendar. For any of these, parents need safe and engaging childcare options to be able to attend. As an event planner, you need to plan safe, compliant, and engaging childcare solutions so your attendees can participate without the stress of childcare weighing on them.

Include Childcare Solutions in Initial Planning and Budgeting

If you leave childcare as an afterthought when planning your event, you may not have the budget or capacity to offer quality childcare solutions. Include childcare in your initial planning and budgeting to prevent any unsavory last-minute surprises. This will ensure you have qualified staff to support the children during the event. Here are a few tips on what to consider when offering childcare at your event.

Childcare Solutions: Initial Planning
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Choosing the Space

This may seem obvious, but you need to have space for the children—and that doesn’t just mean a corner of a conference room! Childcare standards recommend at least 42 square feet of space per child. You’ll need to estimate how many children will be in attendance and find a space to safely hold them all.

Additionally, you want to consider where the childcare is in relation to the event. Position your childcare area close enough to be convenient for parents but far enough from the event to limit disturbances. Children can be noisy. You can’t blame them for having fun, but you also don’t want them to disrupt the event.

Working Out the Details

A childcare-focused company like Call Emmy can help sort out the specifics of the schedule, but consider some of the details in your initial planning. Along with estimating the number of children, consider their ages. Infants require a much different set of skills than a group of elementary schoolers.

Accounting for the Costs

As you work out your event’s budget, you’ll likely realize that childcare can be expensive. Some companies may be able to cover or at least subsidize the cost—but others may need to ask parents to contribute.

You can take the weight of budgeting multiple childcare solutions off your plate by partnering with Call Emmy. By partnering with Call Emmy, you can be assured that all the behind-the-scenes administration is managed correctly. From parent sign-ups to ensuring all waivers are signed correctly, Call Emmy has you covered. In addition, our services can ensure your event is staffed with qualified and reliable childcare providers.

Plan Out Activities Beforehand To Keep Within Budget

As you plan an itinerary for the adults at your event, you’ll also need to plan activities for the children. To create a fun and engaging space for everyone, there are a few variables to consider. First, you’ll probably have a range of ages in childcare. Depending on the size of your event, you’ll want to hire dedicated nannies for each age group. Additionally, have activity options and schedules that reflect different developmental needs. For example, the little ones will need more structure (like planned bathroom breaks and curated crafts), but older groups require less handholding.

It’s also important to consider your budget. Along with paying the babysitters at events, you will need to consider the other costs of childcare solutions. Essentially, how much can you pay to entertain the children?

Lastly, deciding on activities can be collaborative with your childcare provider. They can help plan arts and crafts activities, storytimes, and scavenger hunts—but your company must provide the supplies.

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Ensure Childcare Requirements are Met

While fun activities are the cherry on top of event childcare, the safety and health of the children are the underlying priority. Childcare providers must meet state-regulated health and safety requirements. We don’t want to scare you away, but it’s crucial to understand the responsibility of planning childcare for events. You need to ensure the childcare providers undergo the appropriate screening, training, and certifications before working.

You must do background and reference checks when screening potential sitters for events. All childcare providers must undergo a criminal background check, and reaching out to references will help you understand their skill level. Additionally, you can assess what training and experience they’ve already had and review their relevant certifications. For example, event childcare providers should be trained in pediatric first aid and CPR. You might also look for nannies with childcare certifications or early childhood education experience.

Childcare Solutions
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Partner with Call Emmy to Ensure Qualified, Screened Childcare Workers at Every Event

Between planning activities and checking references, incorporating childcare solutions into your event plan can feel like a lot. But don't feel too intimidated; childcare service providers will have everything covered. For example, Call Emmy performs extensive background checks on all our childcare professionals. We also check references and verify skills to ensure that each nanny is up for the job. When we partner with an event, we ensure all legal requirements are met. We’ll make sure that our staff meets the required ratio of adults to children, establishes a formal check-in and check-out protocol, and is prepared with age-appropriate activities. In this way, childcare solutions can be perfectly tailored to the event's needs.

We’ve worked hard to develop a robust network of qualified childcare providers. You won't have to worry about anything when you partner with us to support your event’s childcare. Our providers are reliable and available, so we can even cover last-minute staffing shortages if a few extra kids show up. When you partner with Call Emmy, you can feel confident that the little ones are safe and having fun while you focus on planning the event for the adults.

Call Emmy Gives Time Back to You

It’s no secret that parents are constantly juggling work and childcare. Access to reliable nannies can be a godsend. Offering a childcare solution at events gives your attendees one less thing to worry about. As a result, your event will get higher attendance and better engagement from adults and children alike. Planning event childcare doesn’t have to mean extra work for the organizers.

Call Emmy, your go-to service for childcare, housecleaning, laundry, and more! Let us free you to enjoy the moment with our event childcare solutions today.

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