Preparing Kids for School Amidst Omicron Fear

As parents, we do everything in our power to keep our children safe and healthy during the pandemic. We hope and pray they will remain unaffected by COVID-19 and emerging variants.

Now we find ourselves dealing with the new variant Omicron that spreads like wildfire regardless of age, and we see it infecting children at record numbers. 

Omicron is now a growing fear for many parents. Some schools have decided to start the year remotely to try and curb the spread, but many schools, like my own children’s, remain open. The question remains: How can we prepare our children for school with this new, rapid-spreading variant and stay healthy?

Preparing Kids For School Amid Omicron Fear

The following are ways to help keep your children safe while at school.

1. Schedule your Child’s COVID-19 Vaccination

The most effective defense against COVID-19 and Omicron is the vaccine. Even though we see breakthrough cases, the vaccine will help minimize your child’s symptoms and the chance of contracting it.

With the vaccine being available for children five and older, it is a big step in reducing the spread of the virus. 

I know there are still many questions about the vaccine for your children, and rightfully so. Talking to your child’s pediatrician will help answer questions you may have, relieve any fears, and help you decide one way or another.

Schedule Your Child’s COVID-19 Vaccination

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2. Reinforce Everyday Safety Measures

At one point, it was almost second nature to my children about what to do to stay safe during the pandemic. As time went on, I noticed I’d have to remind them to pull their mask up or wash their hands.

It can be easy to forget for children because they’re excited to be back with their friends. This is why going over the safety measures can help keep your child safe and healthy while in school. 

Remind your children to still social distance when possible. Even with the vaccine, a person can be asymptomatic and transmit the virus. Ensure your child has a mask that covers both their nose and mouth.

This will help immensely when it’s hard to maintain social distancing. Advise your child to wash their hands, especially if they touch their eyes, nose, or mouth. 

3. Book an Annual Wellness Exam

I’ll admit that I slipped up and didn’t take my daughter for her annual wellness exam because I was worried about going to the doctor’s office. The pandemic brought on a lot of fears about going to places we didn’t need to, and that, for me, included an annual visit because she was/is healthy. 

Taking your children to the pediatrician is the best way to know your child has a healthy immune system and no illnesses that can make them susceptible to COVID-19 and its variants. If you’re nervous about going to the doctor, let them know your concerns, and they’ll work with you.

This is also an excellent opportunity to talk with them about particular concerns regarding your child’s health and let your child ask their questions. 

4. Talk to your Child’s School about Saftey Procedures

Schools should have a set plan to prevent the spread of the virus and let you know what that plan is. My children’s school sends weekly reminders of the practices and a website dedicated to keeping the parents informed. The method includes the measures in place if they suspect a student is ill. 

As parents, it’s our right to know the school is ready to help prevent our children from contracting Omicron. We put our trust in them to keep our children safe.

If you’re unsure of the safety procedures, reach out to the administrators for guidance and ask questions. 

5. Ensure your Child is Taking Vitamins and Eating Healthy

One of the best ways to prevent your children from contracting Omicron is to watch what they eat and take their vitamins for a healthy immune system. When it comes to vitamins, my children like to take Flintstone vitamins which is excellent because it contains all the necessary nutrients, including Zinc.

With so many different varieties out there, you’re sure to find one your children will like. 

A healthy, well-balanced diet is another excellent way to build their immune system. It will keep their bodies ready to fight against viruses and infection. Children can be picky when it comes to fruits and vegetables. I recommend making it fun instead of having it seem mandatory.

Ensure Your Child Is Taking Vitamins And Eating Healthy

My youngest loves the minions from “Despicable Me,” who always eat bananas. I was able to have her start eating bananas by saying she can be like the minions!

Closing Thoughts on Preparing Kids for School Amid Omicron Fear

There is still so much unknown when it comes to Omicron. With growing cases among children, we parents are having a more challenging time knowing our children will be safe and healthy at school, where it’s out of our hands. 

These are our best defenses against this new variant and a way to ensure our children are safe while away from us. My hope is that this guide on preparing kids for school will help you feel better about these uncertain times and help your children stay healthy.

I encourage everyone to do what they think is best for their child, ask questions, and research instead of listening to biased perspectives.

And hey, if you need a helping hand with your household chores, Call Emmy is always here to help.

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