Safety Standards

Safety of your family is our #1 priority, period.


Our Promise to You

  Our Safety and Background Check process is the Gold Standard of Safety and Background Checks in the industry.  We recognize that trust is your highest value currency and we do not take that for granted.  All of our service providers complete full background checks, and an actual human inspects each applicant before onboarding.  As a side note, only 60% of our applicants get through our vetting process.  That is how strict we are about safety.

Gold Standard of Qualiications

Our Vetting Process

Identity Verification

Have you ever applied online for a credit card or a loan? If you have, you probably have gone through this process through which you are asked questions that only YOU know the answer to. For example, in 2012, the street you lived on, or the color Subaru you drove.  We verify every provider's identity just like banks do!

National Criminal Search

We then proceed with doing a National Criminal Check, Social Security Trace, and Sex Offender Check

County Criminal Search

This is perhaps the most important check.  We verify county records for every county that the provider has lived in, for as many years as they have had county records.  Many records only surface at the county level and not in a national database.  This search has allowed us to disqualify providers with local criminal records such as assault, petty theft, DUIs, and more.  As a side note, this is the most costly part of the background check process which we incur for every active provider on our platform.

Psychometric Evaluation

Psychometric evaluation is a scientific test that organizations administer to assess a person's personality attributes and cognitive capabilities.

Skill Evaluation

We test the knowledge of the providers in childcare safety practices and protocols. We also test their knowledge of best practices for dealing with a difficult situation, quality standards, and communication.

Final Check - Manual Approval

Every person we send to you has been checked out yet one more time right before we text you their profile. Just one more view of their background and experience by an actual human being, not a robot. Once you are matched with a provider, you still have the option of requesting a new provider if you are not 100% comfortable with them.


If you have any questions about our safety standards or partners, don't hesitate to reach out to us at