School Holidays: Your Guide to School Closures in 2023

The 2023 spring semester is here—and with it, planning childcare for all those scattered school holidays! Every working parent knows how difficult it can be to arrange care for these abrupt breaks in the schedule. Or worse, there’s the panic when you send your kid off to school only to find out it was a holiday and you forgot! While kids love the day off, it can be a nightmare to fit your own schedule around these calendar gaps.

School Holidays 2023
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With a little preparation, you can get a head start on booking your childcare for these days and ensure that your kids aren’t left sitting at home alone. Maybe you can even take advantage of one of these calendar days and plan a weekend family vacation! Know when you’re going to need a sitter, and book accordingly.

Major Civic Holidays in 2023

While schools are not required to follow federal holidays, many choose to do so anyway. You can count on your kids having most of these holidays off from school in 2023.

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Monday, 01/16/2023)
  • President’s Day (Monday, 02/20/2023)
  • Memorial Day (Monday, 05/29/2023)
  • Juneteenth (Monday 06/19/2023)
  • Independence Day (Tuesday, 07/04/2023)
  • Labor Day (Monday, 09/04/2023)
  • Columbus Day (Monday, 10/09/2023)
  • Veterans Day (Friday, 11/10/2023)
  • Thanksgiving (Thursday 11/23/2023)
  • Christmas Day (Monday, 12/25/2023)*

* Please note that when a federal holiday falls on a weekend, the federal government observes the day off on either the Friday preceding or Monday after. If your kid’s school also takes off, they will likely follow this guidance.

Other Holidays Recognized by Select States and School Districts

While the above is a list of federal holidays, some schools in select districts and states may choose to honor additional civic days. When planning your calendar, it’s important to watch out for these too. For example, 

  • Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday (02/12/2023, but observed Monday, 02/13/2023) is observed as a state holiday in California, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, and New York. 
  • Similarly, César Chávez Day (Friday, 03/31/23) is commonly observed in California, Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin.

Be sure to check if your state has any specific holidays your school may observe!

Common Religious and Cultural School Holidays For 2023

Unless your child attends a religious school, there is no guarantee that they will be off for any given holiday. However, many school districts choose to honor major religious or cultural days on the calendar. They may grant the day off, or they may make it a day of prominence in the classroom to teach kids about different traditions. For both reasons, be sure to note down pertinent cultural and religious holidays from this list when planning your 2023 school calendar.

Holiday or ObservanceReligious GroupDates
New Year’s DayJan. 1, 2023(Sun)
Orthodox ChristmasChristian OrthodoxJan. 7, 2023(Sat)
Martin Luther King DayJan. 16, 2023(Mon)
Lunar New YearJan. 22, 2023(Sun)
Beginning of LentChristianFeb. 22, 2023(Wed)
Presidents DayFeb. 20, 2023(Mon)
PurimJewishMarch 6-7, 2023(Mon-Tues)
HoliHinduMarch 8, 2023(Wed)
Beginning of RamadanIslamicMarch 22, 2023(Wed)
*Passover (Pesach)JewishApril 5-13, 2023
Good FridayChristianApril 7, 2023(Fri)
EasterChristianApril 9, 2023(Sun)
Orthodox Good FridayChristian OrthodoxApril 14, 2023(Fri)
Orthodox EasterChristian OrthodoxApril 16, 2023(Sun)
Lailat Ul QadrIslamicApril 18, 2023(Tues)
Eid al-Fitr (End of Ramadan)IslamicApril 21-22, 2023
Ram NavamiHinduMarch 30, 2023(Thurs)
*ShavuotJewishMay 25-27, 2023(Thurs-Sat)
Memorial DayMay 29, 2023(Mon)
Eid al-AdhaIslamicJune 28-29, 2023(Wed-Thurs)
Independence DayJuly 4, 2023(Tues)
JanmashtamiHinduSept. 6-7(Wed-Thurs)
Raksha BandhanHinduAug 31
Labor DaySept. 4, 2023
Krishna JanmashtamiHindiSept 6, 2023
Jeune Genevois (Geneva Only)Sept 7, 2023
Patriot DaySept 11, 2023
Erev Rosh HashanahJewishSept 14, 2023
Ganesh ChaturthiHindiSept 19, 2023
International Talk Like a Pirate DaySept 19, 2023
MabonPaganSept 21-9, 2023
Yom KippurJewishSept 24, 2023
Mid-Autumn FestivalSept 29, 2023
SukkotJewishSept 29, 2023
National DayOct. 1, 2023
Shemini Atzeret / Simchat TorahJewishOct 6, 2023
SukkotJewishOct 9 to 16, 2023
NavratiHindiOct 15-24, 2023
Birth of BábBahá’íOct 16, 2023
DussehraHindiOct 24, 2023
National DayOct 26, 2023
Birth of BábBahá’íOct 26-27
Ochi DayOct 28, 2023
HalloweenOct 31, 2023
All Saints’ Day (Hallowmas, All Hallows’)ChristianNov 1, 2023
SamhainPaganNov 1, 2023
All Souls’ DayChristianNov 2, 2023
Veterans DayNov 11, 2023
PolytechneioNov 17, 2023
ThanksgivingNov 23, 2023
Black FridayNov 24, 2023
Ascension of Abdu’l-BaháBahá’íNov 28-29, 2023
Christmas Fast (begins)ChristianNov 28, 2023
Farmer’s DayDec 1, 2023
Advent BeginsChristianDec 3, 2023
ChanukahJewishDec 7-15, 2023
Pearl Harbor Remembrance DayDec 7, 2023
Bodhi DayBuddhistDec 8, 2023
Our Lady of Guadalupe (Feast Day)ChristianDec 12, 2023
Las Posadas (begins)ChristianDec 16, 2023
YulePaganDec 21, 2023
Advent EndsChristianDec 24, 2023
ChristmasChristianDec 25, 2023
Kwanzaa (begins)Dec 26, 2023
Restoration Day (Geneva Only)Dec 31, 2023
source: webster university

How Do You Plan Childcare for School Closures?

So now you have your dates. But how are you going to take care of your kids on these holidays? Rather than waking up surprised on the day of, you and your child can maximize the opportunity provided with a little thinking ahead.

“Prepare” Your Kid

Children thrive on structure, so be sure to head them off about the day off in advance, and what to expect. As the day approaches, they may hear other kids talking about going away on vacation, doing community service, or any number of activities. Make sure they know what the plan is for them for the day(s) off!

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Set Ground Rules

Just because they have a day off doesn’t mean it’s a free-for-all. Be sure to set ground rules for the school holiday. This goes for your kids, and for whoever is watching them—be it a family member or babysitter.

Make sure you are all on the same page. What are the do’s and don’ts to abide by? Discussing this up front will set your mind at ease when it comes time for a school holiday, and will also ensure the safety of your kids.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is key to maximizing the days off, for both you and your kids. See if you can arrange some activities for your kids on several of these days. Perhaps a playdate with friends? Or perhaps they can go visit the grandparents—or better yet, if you can time it with work, take an extended weekend vacation! Federal holidays are particularly likely to have crossover time on both your office’s and the school’s calendars.

When it comes to days that you can’t take off, it’s time to book a sitter. Thankfully, this advance planning means you’ll know exactly what days you need a babysitter for! Babysitters book up quickly over holiday periods, and securing your sitter early will save you the headache later.

Extended Break? Consider a Babysitter

Some school holidays are lengthier than others—think winter and summer breaks—and finding the right solutions for a longer amount of time off can be challenging. One option to consider at these times is a longer-term babysitter. Be sure to thoroughly vet your sitter, though! With that amount of time, you want to know your child is in good hands. Thankfully, apps like Call Emmy take care of the vetting process for you and can help you find the perfect sitter.

Let Call Emmy Help With Your Childcare Needs

Kids always love the holidays. Why shouldn’t you too? With a little forethought and planning, you can make sure you’re not scrambling at the last minute looking for childcare on a surprise day off. Plan your 2023 school holidays the right way—start booking your babysitters from now!Babysitting app Call Emmy provides sitters on-demand for parents, whether it’s for a quick few hours or a more regular engagement. With sitters spread across most metro U.S. areas, you’re sure to find someone who matches your needs. All their sitters undergo a rigorous four-step screening process, so you know all your options are more than qualified. Sign up today and get your 2023 planning started!

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