6 Unique Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

My boy turned 9 this year. Rather than doing what we have always done, a birthday party at a children’s party place, I decided to do something unique this year.

Truth be told, we had to postpone his party because of rain but the unique themes and idea still stand.

Without further ado, here are 6 unique summer birthday party ideas for kids.

Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

I think these birthday ideas will not only make the birthday party memorable but will also drive positive change for the community.

1. Place

Local Park - Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Instead of celebrating your kid’s birthday in the local bouncy house or Chuck-E-Cheese, why not celebrate your child’s birthday at a local community park?

Find a park that fits your family’s style. For us, we like privacy more than being crowded, and for that reason, we have found an amazing park near our home with a beautiful playground, lots of space for kids to play, and picnic tables.

2. Gift

Birthday Gift - Birthday Party Ideas for Kids In Summer

I don’t know about you, I am fed up with consumerism. No more plastic, thank you! Don’t need more legos or cars, or…

We are asking people to deposit money into my son’s 529 college savings account instead of bringing a gift. $5 today will for sure be more than $5 by the time he goes to college.

These gifts will help my son build his future and we are grateful for that. Other contenders for us were: donating money to the animal shelter, volunteering for a local nonprofit, or planting a tree somewhere.

3. Activity

Geocaching - Summer Birthday Party Ideas

Here is a super unique idea for having an amazing activity during your kids’ birthday parties. Go geocaching!

We have recently gotten into it and it is a lot of fun. Scout and research 2-3 geocaches that are near each other beforehand and on the day of the birthday, make a day of it with the kids.

All of you will discover new places and will for sure have a lot of fun.

4. Party Favors

Buy a variety of seed packets and have each of the guests pick their own seed packets to take home with them as a party favor.

If you want to make it even fancier, include a gardening tool like a shovel or gardening gloves. You can find these on Amazon for just a few bucks.

Here is the best part: create a webpage or a Facebook group and have the kids with the help of their parents share their planting journey through pictures and or stories.

5. Food

Lettuce Wraps As Food Ideas For Birthdays

I have to admit that I am super picky about washing hands so this idea will work much better at home than in a park. That said, it is still doable with plenty of hand sanitizer and wipes.

I am not a fan of Pizza for birthdays. Sure, it is easy for parents, relatively inexpensive and kids like it. I don’t like it because it is unhealthy and unremarkable.

Why not have the kids involved in making their own lunch? How about lettuce wraps with an assortment of protein options and fresh vegetable fillings?

Having children pick their own protein and make their own lettuce wrap is fun, healthy, and memorable. You can even do this with flour tortillas instead of lettuce.

6. Cake

Birthday Cupcakes

This one is hard because the birthday cake is an essential part of any birthday celebration. I wish I could say just don’t do it but I know that isn’t going to be all that popular with the kids.

Instead of buying or baking a big birthday cake, why not have individual cupcakes instead?

Easier to hand them to kids, they will have more fun eating their dessert and they can choose their own flavor versus being stuck to one cake choice.

Final thoughts on Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

We are implementing all of the above six unique birthday ideas at my son’s birthday party next week.

I will be posting pictures and will report back on how it went. I encourage you to think and approach your kids’ summer birthday party creatively.

Just because we have always done it one way, it does not mean that has to be the only way. Using these unique summer birthday party ideas for your kids will help them remember their birthday and will give them new inspirations for thinking creatively and making new memories.

Be sure to let me know if you do plan on using any of these ideas and how it impacts your child’s birthday party.

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