The Working Mom’s Podcast

Last month, our founder Arezou Zarafshan sat down with podcast host and estate attorney, Pam Maass to discuss her background, inspiration and passion for starting DispatchMom and how by keeping your own ‘well’ full, you can then pour into everybody else’s glass.

Give it a listen or check out the show notes below!

Link to Podcast:
The Working Mom’s Podcast

Show Notes:

  • Arezou’s background as a corporate executive
  • Her introduction to the world of start-ups and her intention to never return after 2018
  • Guiding entrepreneurs through fundraising + investing and their start-up journey
  • Seeing and partnering with founders feels like a calling and the joy that arises from helping friends entrepreneurial endeavors launch
  • Working in the consumer products and consumer technology sector
  • How DispatchMom was inspired
  • The aggregator model of DispatchMom
  • Why the partners were chosen and their safety measures
  • Arezou’s advice to busy mom’s and the mental model she uses to optimize outputs
  • Being more deliberate about managing your inputs
  • How taking care of yourself will allow you to give more
  • Finally…outsourcing your chores is nothing to be guilty about!

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