5 New and Unique Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving because it is about gratitude. I cease the day to introspect and count the blessings of my life and yes, I joyfully participate in the feast as well.

On a recent hike, I came up with these new and unique ways to celebrate Thanksgiving. What if we made Thanksgiving about simplicity versus extravagance, others versus self, and intention versus conformity?

Intrigued? Read on!

Unique Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving

1. Go on a Family Hike

Rather than spending the day in the kitchen, cooking and preparing for a feast, what if you and your family enjoyed turkey sandwiches at the summit point of a great hike?

In Colorado and especially this fall, the weather has been nothing but fabulous. Imagine feeling the warmth of sun rays on your back and smelling fresh pine while ascending to the top.

Once at the top, you and your family can enjoy solitude and share words of love and kindness towards one another. This activity will invoke gratitude in your soul unlike any other.

2. Visit a Retirement Home and Bring a Pie or Two

I have had several family members who lived in retirement homes and at every visit, it was not just my family members who became gleeful at the sight of me, it was the entire floor. Residents of retirement homes are very susceptible to depression because of isolation and feelings of alienation.

Google “retirement homes near me” and you will surely find several within a few miles of your location.

Be sure to contact the retirement home before you show up so you can learn about their visitation policies given COVID, their hours, and other things you need to know. 

3. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen or Food Bank

Volunteer At A Soup Kitchen - Unique Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving

Did you know 1 out of 7 Coloradans faces food insecurity?

Find a soup kitchen near you and give a helping hand. You can help serve food or deliver meals to those in need. Food Bank of the Rockies has a great website where you can sign up to be a volunteer and provide help in the areas you would like.

4. Plant a Tree

Whether you pick your yard, your neighborhood school or park, or the open space, planting a tree will help your community and the environment. This activity requires a bit more planning and research than the previous ones.

First, you have to select the location and make all the necessary arrangements (permits, permissions, etc) for the day of planting. You also have to select the right tree for the environment.

Check out the Arbor Day Foundation website and the American Forest for great tips on how to make this activity a success.

5. Write a Gratitude Letter to each Member of your Family and Read it Out Loud

Gratitude Letter At Thanksgiving Dinner - Unique Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving

If you have to adhere to the turkey and at-home family meal tradition, that is great. Add the creation and sharing of a gratitude letter to one another to the “agenda”.

This does not have to be fancy. In fact, the less fancy it is, the more authentic it usually turns out. Each member of the family has to tell the other members the one thing they appreciate about them.

For me, I am grateful to my husband for supporting me in this crazy and awesome entrepreneurial journey. I am grateful to my son for always keeping me on my toes and giving me constructive feedback about my grammar (English is not my first language).

In Summary: Unique Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the most important and cherished holidays in the US. Getting the family together, cooking and sharing delicious meals, and exchanging family stories across the festively decorated table are great visions and memories that we all hold dear in our hearts.

As wonderful as the tradition is, I am certain that there are other unique ways to celebrate Thanksgiving and to show gratitude in unique ways. Give one or all of the ways above a try and let us know how they work for you. Would love to hear and see your pictures.

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