What moms really want this Mother’s day?!

Mother’s Day is coming up…hope you get the present you are REALLY hoping for!

The upcoming Mother’s Day is a perfect occasion to talk about Moms. It is time to take help of some cold, hard statistics to gauge how mothers have been coping with childcare and career after they have been through pandemic.

The insight gained by statistics will be instrumental in telling us what moms really need this Mother’s day. Sure gifts and flowers are nice. And handmade stuff will always rank at the top of adorable list. But what if kids and partners really know what mom’s heart desires? That would make a very happy mom on Mother’s day!

And for this we had a look at the result of a survey done by Motherly, done this year. And the key results shows why moms really need help.

Key Findings from the survey:

Moms are Tired: A whopping 93% reported occasionally feeling burned out. Even moms feeling being exhausted all the time has gone up (form 6% to 16%), and on a more frequent basis than last year (43%, up from 35%).b

Moms feel lack of support: one of the primary reasons for burnout was that moms do not feel supported enough at home.  Very few (4%) have a partner who takes the primary caregiver role or even shares the responsibility equally (10%). The burden of household chores is very unequally divided.

Moms need sleep and me-time: 89% of the mothers reported getting less than the required 8 hours of sleep each night. Reasons range from staying up late to waking early, or in some cases getting up in the middle of the night with their kids.

Mothers aren’t getting nearly enough time for themselves, either: Nearly two-thirds (64%) say within the last 24 hours, they had less than one hour to themselves without work or family obligations.

All this statistics is pointing out to facts we already knew. Moms are exhausted and feeling overwhelmed with balancing their career and motherhood. And the primary reason for this is lack of support.

It takes a village to raise a child but this pandemic and social distancing has isolated many a household. More than half (56%) of mothers lack a non-family “village” they can call on for support. That’s an increase of 15 points from last year’s 41%.

In light of these findings, it is not an exaggeration to say that what moms really need for Mother’s day is some uninterrupted sleep and quality me-time so they get the much needed rejuvenation for facing the challenges of an everyday mom-life!

How Call Emmy can help:

Call Emmy was founded with the very goal of enabling parents get 10+ hours back to their week. Check out how, with our help, you can pamper moms this Mother’s Day…and if you yourself are one, help yourself to one of these services as a reward to all the hard work you do as a mom:

Treat mom to fresh and comforting meal this Mothers Day

Make Mother’s day special with our meal prep services.

We deliver fresh and comforting meals local by Nourish Natural Foods – made with the highest-quality ingredients, make convenience, health and enjoyment all possible at your dinner table.

Our meals are gluten, dairy, and peanut-free and can be catered to large or small families.

Best Mother’s Day gift: A Clean House!

A clean and organized home, done professionally!

 Let us do all that grunt work for moms, so she can cross those off her to-do list this weekend! This is the Call Emmy revolution!

Trust us when we say, there is nothing more we moms like than getting the house clean without doing it ourselves!

Our service providers use eco-friendly and safe products for getting get the job done.

May be some time alone….:

Moms may love their kids to pieces, but every once in a while they want to connect with themselves. That allows them to recharge for that much needed energy for caring for the lil’ ones.

With Call Emmy, vetted and on-demand sitters are available when you need them most. Our babysitters go through a full background check, behavior screening as well as skill verification to ensure reliability and safety for your family.

With nearly two-thirds of moms surveyed saying they had less than one hour to themselves, within the last 24 hours, our wish is moms get the much needed me-time , without compromising on the chores needed to keep the household running.

Leave that to us! This Mother’s Day, just Call Emmy!

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